Catering Thermometers

Food businesses and catering professionals must take a number of daily temperature checks, such as HACCP checks, to ensure the food they serve is safe for consumption.
Digital food thermometers are the best tools for this, and ETI specialises in a wide range of styles tailored to varying chefs' needs. This includes Thermapen digital thermometers with folding probes, economical handheld thermometers with wired probes, and thermistor thermometers with interchangeable probes. In addition, sugar thermometers and leave-in meat or BBQ thermometers are the perfect solution for specialised types of cooking. Whatever your requirements, ETI's range of accurate and reliable food probe thermometers ensures chefs and caterers can quickly and easily ensure food temperatures are correct and high quality is maintained.

Why choose ETI cooking thermometers?


Designed for professional chefs, our digital cooking thermometers are built to last in busy kitchens.


The majority of our British-made kitchen thermometers come with a free traceable calibration certificate, so you can be confident in the accuracy of your readings.


Our probes are handmade using high-quality parts to ensure a fast speed of response — essential for busy chefs.

Made in Britain

Many of our most popular food temperature probes are designed and made in Britain with quality in mind.

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