Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Switch to a wireless temperature monitoring system with WiFi data loggers. ETI’s wireless temperature and humidity loggers enable users to automate the temperature monitoring of fridges, freezers, storage facilities, buildings, and much more. 

The data loggers will take the readings at programmed intervals and wirelessly transmit the data to a computer or device using WiFi. Users can then view and manage the data remotely and receive real-time alerts when readings fall outside your set limits. 

ETI offers different types of data loggers with WiFi enabled for a range of applications. This includes temperature data loggers with internal sensors designed for buildings, humidity loggers for storage, and pharmaceutical loggers for vaccines and medicines. Read more below to find out how our WiFi thermometers work and which temperature logger is best for you.

Data loggers are thermometers that capture readings at programmed intervals and store them within the unit ready for download. WiFi-enabled data loggers automatically and wirelessly transfer these readings to a computer or device using WiFi. This means that instead of manually measuring, recording and storing readings, the entire process is automated. It also allows users to access and analyse the collected data remotely.

WiFi loggers are designed to be set in place and left to take readings at intervals automatically. Therefore, they’re best used for room and storage temperatures or humidity.

Common applications include:


• Fridges and freezers
• Food processing, restaurants and supermarkets
• Medical and pharmaceutical applications
• Museums
• Zoos
• Agriculture

• Accurate readings automatically taken on time
• View and manage data remotely from anywhere in the world
• Avoid costly damage with real-time alerts for out-of-range readings
• Validate historical data quickly with an accessible digital archive
• Save time and money on manual labour
• Protect your reputation with a robust and reliable system

All ETI WiFi loggers come with free software and no ongoing subscription costs. Learn more about ThermaData Studio software here. 

What’s the best WiFi data logger for me?

Room Temperature Monitoring

With one internal sensor, the ThermaData TD is great for monitoring the ambient temperature of warehouses, storage facilities, laboratories, offices and public spaces.

Fridges and Freezers

WiFi loggers need to be placed outside of fridges and freezers to maintain signal, so a logger with external probes is best. The ThermaData TD2TC has two thermocouple channels for pairing with a wide variety of probe types. We recommend a Food Simulant probe for fridge monitoring. 


Accuracy-Sensitive Applications

For applications where greater accuracy is a priority, the ThermaData TD1F and TD2F thermistor loggers have a higher system accuracy than the TD2TC thermocouple logger. Their permanently attached general purpose probes make them ideal for a wide range of applications, including fridge/freezer monitoring.

Hospitals and Pharmacies

Medicines and vaccines are slower to respond to temperature changes than the air inside a fridge or freezer. The ThermaData Pharm features a glycol-encased probe which matches the response rate of medicines and vaccines for more accurate readings. 

Humidity and Temperature

Perfect for museums, zoos and grain storage, the ThermaData HTD monitors humidity and temperature simultaneously. Opt-in to receive instant alerts for readings outside your programmed limits — take corrective actions more quickly and prevent costly damage. 

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