Garden Thermometers

Outdoor thermometers are essential tools for maintaining a healthy garden or greenhouse. Different garden thermometers cater to specific needs, whether it's monitoring soil temperature, tracking daily highs and lows, or ensuring compost reaches the ideal heat for decomposition. Compost thermometers help keep hot composts on track, while max/min thermometers ensure optimal plant conditions.

Find the best thermometer for your garden below.

Why Choose ETI Garden Thermometers?

ETI offers a range of accurate and easy-to-read analogue and digital garden thermometers, with wall-mounted and max/min options available. Additionally, our sturdy Rain Gauge is perfect for measuring rainfall, helping you maintain the right moisture levels for your garden. Made from durable materials, our garden thermometers and rain gauges are designed to withstand the elements, providing reliable performance year-round.

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Accurate & Precise

Results where it matters most. Accurate outdoor thermometers with precise digital readings.

Durable Designs

Robust garden thermometers built to survive the outdoors.

Easy to Read

Clear digital displays that make temperature monitoring effortless, even from a distance.


Available with a range of features to enhance your garden monitoring, including max/min, alarms and indoor/outdoor temperatures.

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£17.00 £13.60 ex VAT - £16.32 inc VAT
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£21.00 ex VAT - £25.20 inc VAT
£4.50 ex VAT - £5.40 inc VAT
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