Humidity Calibration

ETI's In-House Humidity Laboratory

Importance of Regular Calibration

Confidence in the accuracy of humidity measuring instruments such as hygrometers is essential. As with most digital equipment, there is a tendency for drift over a period of use, making regular calibration an important part of hygrometer upkeep. 

The Best Equipment

ETI's in-house UKAS-accredited humidity laboratory is equipped with two of the world's premier humidity chambers. The Thunder Scientific 2500 is armed with two-pressure technology to generate controlled humidity conditions. The new HYGROGEN2 - HG2-XL chamber, meanwhile, generates stable temperature and humidity conditions in rapid time.

Increased Efficiency

Accurate monitoring of humidity can help businesses become more productive. Employers are also realising the importance of healthy working environments, which includes the control of humidity to help prevent airborne bacteria, eliminate static shocks and reduce eyestrain.

Air Temperature Capability

ETI's humidity laboratory is also UKAS accredited for air temperature measurement certification. We can test the temperature in air across a range spanning from 0°C to 65°C, 

with a Calibration & Measurement Capability (CMC) of 0.15°C. 

Your Calibration Partner

ETI’s humidity testing capabilities are best-in-class. Our experienced humidity laboratory team, combined with state-of-the-art equipment, ensure our calibration services are carried out to an extremely high standard: 

  • Ability to generate controlled and stable humidity conditions
  • Turnaround, usually within 20 days
  • Wide humidity testing ranges
  • Wide temperature in air testing range – 0°C to 65°C
  • Unrivalled accuracy – CMS from 0.6 % rh, 0.18 °Cdp & 0.15 °C air
  • Bespoke calibration programmes. Tell us what you need certifying

Calibration & Measurement Capability (CMC)

10 to 90 % rh @ 0 to 65 °C CMC 1.8 % rh

10 to 90 % rh @ 20 to 24 °C CMC 0.6 to 1.0 % rh

-20 to 60°C

0 to 65°C  CMC 0.15°C

Humidity & Temperature in air

10 to 90 % rh  @  0 °C to +65 °C available. Additional charges apply for different calibration points. Contact us for more details.


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