Fridge & Freezer Thermometers

UK food companies are legally required to store cold food at a temperature of 8 ˚C or below. They must therefore monitor cold fridge and freezer temperatures to comply with health and safety procedures such as HACCP.

ETI offer a range of digital fridge freezer thermometers to suit every budget and application. This ranges from simple fridge or freezer thermometer probes with audible alarm functions to fridge freezer data loggers which will provide digital alerts for out-of-range temperatures. This will ensure food is safe to consume whilst protecting catering businesses from costly food spoilage.

Pharmaceutical businesses are also required to store certain vaccinations and medicines at specific temperatures so they are safe to use. ETI’s ThermaGuard Pharm thermometers are ideal for this, with medical fridge thermometer and lab refrigeration data logger options available.

Choosing a Fridge Thermometer

Coloured dial

Fridge thermometers with coloured dials make it clear to see whether your fridge is within the safe temperature range.

Alarm function

Receive an audible alert if your fridge falls outside of the safe temperature range so you can take corrective actions quickly.

Remote probe

Digital fridge thermometers with a remote probe allow you to read the temperature without opening the door, making checks quicker and easier.

Max/min readings

See the maximum and minimum temperatures over a period of time to ensure your fridge or freezer consistently stays in range.

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