Thermocouple Probes

Thermocouples are popular for their wide temperature ranges and fast readings. They're accurate, durable, and effective across a wide range of applications. Response times for our probes are as fast as half a second. Temperatures go as low as -100 °C and as high as 1200 °C. Accuracy is typically under ±0.5 °C. Thermocouples come with different types of connectors. We stock two of the most popular: K-type thermocouple and T-type thermocouple. Our extensive range of thermocouples is tailored to a variety of uses, from internal food temperatures to pipe surfaces. For specialised applications where standard options aren't effective, we are able to manufacture bespoke sensors to meet your requirements.

Common thermocouple types


Ideal internal measurements of liquids and semi-solids. Different options include ones with high or low temperature ranges and fast response times. Colour-coded handles are ideal for avoiding cross-contamination in food service. Needle probes are ideal for fine applications.


We have a range of sensors designed for measuring the temperature of different surfaces. Pipe probes are specifically tailored to enclosing around pipes for greater accuracy. Between-pack probes are ideal for checking food deliveries. Our ribbon surface probes use a unique technology that ensures fast, accurate results.

Air and gas

Our options for air and gas measurement include general purpose air sensors, oven probes, and wire probes designed for cold food storage. All are available with type T or type K thermocouple connectors.

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