Waterproof Thermocouple Penetration Probe

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Waterproof Thermocouple Penetration Temperature Probe Type K

  • Temperature range -75 to 250 °C
  • Accuracy ±0.5 °C, 0°C to 100 °C
  • Ø 3.3 x 130mm
  • Coiled lead version available
  • Response time less than 3 seconds
Lead Style

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Product code: 143-162
Made in UK BRCGS

This stainless steel, waterproof to IP67, penetration probe is strong, versatile and incorporates a heavy duty ribbed handle with a colour-coded end cap - available in a choice of six different colours.

These temperature probes are suitable for general purpose applications including liquids, semi-solids and granular materials. The colour coded end caps allow colours to be used to identify either ownership or intended purpose.

Response time less than three seconds. Probe temperature range -75 to 250 °C. Probe dimensions 3.3 x 130mm

This probe is waterproof to IP67 when connected to an instrument.

Product Details

Data sheet

Probe Accuracy (Type K High Accuracy):±0.5 °C between 0 & 100 °C
Probe Range:-75 to 250°C
Probe Response Time:less than 3 seconds
Probe Diameter:3.3 mm
Probe Length:130 mm
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143-161 C of C

143-161 certificate of conformity

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143-162 C of C

143-162 certificate of conformity

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143-164 C of C

143-464 certificate of conformity

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143-165 C of C

143-165 certificate of conformity

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143-166 C of C

143-166 certificate of conformity

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143-167 C of C

143-167 certificate of conformity

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