Bluetooth Thermometers

Bluetooth thermometers send temperature checks to digital devices wirelessly. This enables businesses to have a paperless data backup without manually recording temperatures. 

ETI’s range of Bluetooth thermometers for catering, food processing and industrial applications saves businesses time whilst increasing data reliability and security. They are also ideal for completing health and safety checks such as HACCP.

Meat and BBQ chefs require frequent temperature monitoring for food safety and quality. The Thermapen Blue combines the speed and accuracy of our bestselling meat thermometer with Bluetooth, while the ThermaQ Blue enables wireless monitoring of BBQ pit and meat temperatures.

We also offer Bluetooth options for infrared thermometers, dishwashing temperatures and more. See the full range below to find the best Bluetooth thermometer for you.

Why should you buy a Bluetooth thermometer?


Users can record temperatures at source at the push of a button, with minimal training required.


Digital record keeping reduces the risk of errors that can arise from manual information storage methods.

Data integrity

Detailed records including temperature, time and date are kept in digital records for easy access when needed, offering real-time visibility.


Thoroughly robust SDK and protocol documents are available for integrators.

£145.00 ex VAT - £174.00 inc VAT
£165.00 ex VAT - £198.00 inc VAT
£140.00 ex VAT - £168.00 inc VAT
£66.00 ex VAT - £79.20 inc VAT
£145.00 ex VAT - £174.00 inc VAT
£130.00 ex VAT - £156.00 inc VAT
£135.00 ex VAT - £162.00 inc VAT
£145.00 ex VAT - £174.00 inc VAT
£175.00 ex VAT - £210.00 inc VAT
£70.00 ex VAT - £84.00 inc VAT

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