Calibration Services

Calibration Services at Our In-House UKAS Laboratory

UKAS Humidity Calibration

Accurate monitoring of humidity helps to create productive workplaces. ETI's in-house humidity laboratory is equipped with two of the world's premier humidity chambers and a high accuracy mirror hygrometer. Combined, these deliver a high standard of calibration. 

UKAS Temperature Calibration

Temperature is a critical measurement for ensuring the safety and quality of many products. ETI, with its range of UKAS-accredited temperature calibration equipment and services, is your ideal partner to ensure critical thermometers and probes work reliably.

Thermometer and Probe Recalibration Service

We recommended regular calibration checks, including immediate checks of new equipment. Should accuracy issues be identified, ETI’s thermometer and probe recalibration service will ensure your temperature measuring devices are fully reliable and UKAS certified.


ETI is able to supply calibration equipment and services to suit your business’s testing needs. To gauge an idea of costings, please view our price guide and get in touch with any questions.

UKAS Accreditation

ETI’s laboratory is fully UKAS certified. This provides customers with the peace of mind that any testing or calibration work we conduct meets the strictest standards and is of the highest accuracy.


your calibration partner

  • UKAS certification for all thermometers and probes 
  • Rapid turnaround usually within 10-14 days
  • Wide temperature and humidity testing ranges
  • Services provided by experienced professionals
  • Bespoke calibration services. Tell us what you need certifying 
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"We have complete control over the quality of our processes and products; from idea concept to marketing and design, right through to hand-assembly in our UK factories."

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"With continued investment, including a new purpose-built UKAS laboratory featuring state-of-the-art calibration equipment, our calibration department offer customers an exemplary service."

UKAS Calibration Manager

"Our dedicated team is on hand to offer support to our customers with any technical, returns or post-purchase service queries and requirements they may have, no matter how big or small they may be."

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Take a Look at the Calibration Equipment

Learn more about the different methods of calibrating both probe and infrared digital thermometers. Discover which method is best for you and your business, and streamline your in-house calibration processes.

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Calibration FAQ

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Calibration refers to measuring, with the instrument in question being calibrated or tested against a known source.
Certification is what is granted after calibration. It is a document which confirms the accuracy of the instrument by showing the results of the calibration exercise.

A calibration certificate is an official document to show that your thermometer has undergone a calibration test in an accredited laboratory. The test date, method and results are shown on the certificate.

The calibration test compares your thermometer measurements with a traceable device or reference thermometer.

This documentation proves the accuracy of your thermometer. If the results show that the thermometer is inaccurate, it will need recalibrating. You will receive fresh documentation to show this.

Calibration certificates are not a legal requirement in the UK. Within catering applications, your HACCP plan will determine how and when your business should calibrate your thermometers.

However, a calibration certificate is the only legal document that proves your equipment is accurate. There are several benefits to this:

A calibration certificate can be used in court if a health and safety issue relating to unsafe temperature occurs.
Calibration certificates are useful for EHO visits and other inspections or audits.
Ensuring your thermometers are calibrated to a high level of accuracy will preserve the quality and safety of your temperature checks.

ETI can issue UKAS certificates for temperature and humidity instruments with internal or external probes. The standard certificate includes three different temperature or humidity points, but we can issue certificates covering anywhere from one to five points.

The more regularly your thermometers and measuring devices are calibrated and certified, the more assured you will be of their accuracy. We recommended you obtain a certificate at least every 12 months.

Yes. ETI sells a large range of calibration equipment and accessories. These include reference thermometers that are ideal for comparison checking the calibration and accuracy of other thermometers and probes, when used in conjunction with a stable temperature heat or chill source.
However, conducting calibration activities yourself may not be as accurate or provide as certain results as sending off your instruments to a UKAS certified laboratory.

We pride ourselves on providing a quick and efficient service – ETI typically completes calibration and certification within 10-14 working days.

As with any measuring or calibration activity, there will always be a probability of inaccuracy due to equipment or human error, or inconducive testing environments. Each measurement therefore has an uncertainty factor which is stated as a tolerance of plus or minus the measured figures. ETI’s laboratory offers certified uncertainties from ±0.02°C.

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