Industrial Thermometers

Facilities management, manufacturing and HVAC professionals often use industrial thermometers to measure the temperature of water, air, pipes and other surfaces. Industrial thermometers often offer robust, waterproof casings and wide temperature ranges.

It is a legal requirement for employers and premises managers to monitor the temperature of water supplies to prevent the growth of legionella bacteria. ETI offer a range of legionella water testing kits to suit different budgets.

We also offer HVAC kits for heating and air conditioning, room thermometers, pipe dial thermometers and an industrial anemometer thermometer to measure airflow and velocity.

View the range below to find the best industrial thermometers for your application.

£157.00 ex VAT - £188.40 inc VAT
£70.00 ex VAT - £84.00 inc VAT
£50.00 ex VAT - £60.00 inc VAT
£2.50 ex VAT - £3.00 inc VAT
£1.80 ex VAT - £2.16 inc VAT
£94.00 ex VAT - £112.80 inc VAT
£104.00 ex VAT - £124.80 inc VAT

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