Calibration Certificates

Calibration Certificates for Temperature & Humidity

Calibration is an important part of using a thermometer for critical checks. Having a calibration certificate to verify the accuracy of your instruments provides greater confidence and security in your readings. At ETI, we have an in-house UKAS laboratory for temperature and humidity calibration. Learn more about the different types of services and certificates we offer below. 


What is a Calibration Certificate?

All thermometers are prone to drift after time, which is when their readings become less accurate. Calibration tests confirm the accuracy of a thermometer's readings. During the test, the thermometer's measurements will be compared with a traceable device or reference thermometer.

A calibration certificate is an official document to show the results of the calibration test. This will prove the accuracy of your thermometer or show that it needs recalibrating. If it needs to be recalibrated, you will receive fresh documentation afterwards to show this.

Do New ETI Thermometers Come with Calibration Certificates?

All of the thermometers manufactured in our factories in  the UK are either sold with a free calibration certificate or have the option to purchase a UKAS certificate on top if desired.

Please note that adding an optional certificate to your order will delay the delivery time by 10-14 days, to allow the calibration process to take place. 

Types of calibration certificates

There are two types of thermometer calibration certificates: traceable and UKAS

Traceable certificates mean your thermometer has been tested against a thermometer within the traceability chain. The traceability chain is a string of thermometers which leads back to the highest-level reference thermometer in a national calibration centre (or equivalent). 


UKAS certificates show a thermometer has been tested in a UKAS-accredited laboratory.

UKAS is the National Accreditation Body for the United Kingdom. Tests in UKAS-accredited laboratories are completed to the highest standard in the country. 



Understanding thermometer calibration certificates and services

Traceable certificates are usually satisfactory for inspectors wanting to check your calibration procedures during visits. A UKAS certificate gives you additional peace of mind that your thermometer has been calibrated using the highest standards within the UK.

Prices vary depending on what type of certificate you require (UKAS or traceable), what type of instrument you have (food probe, moisture meter, infrared thermometer, etc) and how many calibration points you require. See our price list here.

Calibration points are the temperatures at which the thermometer has been calibrated to. The number of checkpoints you opt for depends on your requirements, and we can complete as many as you need.

A common number of checkpoints to choose from is 3 or 5. It’s customary to choose a 5-point certificate for thermometers where high accuracy is critical. For example, reference thermometers for calibration tests. The more checkpoints there are, the more confident you can be that your thermometer is accurate across a range of temperatures.

Thermometers can be calibrated to standard checkpoints, ones that reflect common applications. These are -18, 0, 40, 70 and 100°C.

We can also calibrate thermometers to custom checkpoints on request, to suit your application. For example, for a high/low fridge thermometer, you might like to calibrate it to 2 and 8 °C, as these are the temperatures it is required to measure.

For traceable certificates, we can calibrate thermometers from -100 to 500 °C. For UKAS certificates, the calibration range is -100 to 250 °C.

If you have an instrument that you would like us to calibrate, please contact us with your instrument details, calibration requirements and desired calibration points (comma separated). Our friendly team will get back to you with any questions before giving you a quote.

Once the work has been agreed upon, you will need to send your thermometer to us for calibration. Once we have received the instrument, we aim to complete the work and return it to you within approximately 10-14 working days.

Contact us for a quote.

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