Thermapen Classic thermometers
zip pouch for Thermapen & Gourmet 830-001
CaterTemp Catering thermometer and food probe
food hygiene thermometer kit
professional catering thermometer kit
EcoTemp max min thermometer
ThermaLite 1 catering thermometers
Gourmet thermometer - water resistant thermometer with folding probe
pen-shaped pocket thermometer
T-shaped pocket thermometer
waterproof thermometer with max/min and °C/°F functions
Waterproof thermometer - T shaped pocket thermometer
max/min thermometer - with food penetration probe
Fridge thermometer or freezer thermometer 52mm dial
Fridge or Freezer thermometer with 70mm dial
vertical spirit-filled fridge thermometer
horizontal fridge-freezer thermometer
stainless steel fridge/freezer thermometer with Ø50 mm dial
Clear ABS fridge and freezer thermometer
Digital fridge/freezer alarm thermometer
FoodSafe food thermometer - simulant fridge thermometer
oven thermometer with 55mm dial
oven thermometer with 50mm dial
kitchen timers - count-up or count-down
water resistant countdown timer
Meat Thermometer - Meat Roasting Thermometer
frying thermometer
Cook's Thermometer for confectionery, frying & jam
Barista's Milk Frothing/ Coffee Thermometer
Therma 22 thermocouple and thermistor thermometer
MicroTherma 1 microprocessor thermometer with automatic re-calibration
penetration temperature probe for liquids & solids
temperature probe - extended penetration
fast response temperature probe
needle penetration temperature probe
rigid between pack temperature probe
high temperature thermometer probe
high temperature thermometer probe
ribbon surface temperature probe
ribbon surface temperature probe
spring-loaded surface temperature probe
heavy duty surface temperature probe
Waterproof Thermocouple Penetration Probe
penetration probe T-shaped
temperature probe T-shaped - asphalt or food processing
miniature needle probe
fast response meat probe
Sous-Vide temperature probe
magnet surface temperature probe
pipe clamp temperature probe - HVAC probe
PTFE wire probe 1000mm
heavy duty PTFE wire probe
fibreglass wire oven temperature probe
PT100 - RTD penetration probe
PT100 - RTD air or gas probe
PT100 - between pack probe
PT100 - liquid temperature probe
PT100 - air/gas wire probe
colour-coded penetration probe
fast response Therma 20 temperature probe
Between Pack temperature probe
Therma 20 air or gas probe
T-shaped penetration probe for Therma 20
T-shaped NTC thermistor corkscrew probe
air or gas wire NTC temperature probe
foil between pack NTC temperature probe
Long data logger probe- general purpose
air or gas data logger probe
data logger extension lead
RayTemp 3 Infrared Thermometer - ideal for the foodservice industry
RayTemp 8 infrared thermometer with type K thermocouple socket
RayTemp 38 infrared thermometer for measuring small surface areas at greater distances
dial probe thermometer
dial probe thermometers
heavy duty dial thermometers -
pipe thermometer dial surface
radiator or pipe thermometer - magnetic
ThermaData TB Data logger - blind with an internal sensor
ThermaData TD Data logger - LCD with internal sensor
ThermaData logger TBF data logger, blind with external sensor
ThermaData TDF data logger, LCD with external fixed sensor
ThermaData TB1F Blind Data Logger
ThermaData logger TD1F data logger
ThermaData logger TBC Data logger, blind with one external sensor
ThermaData TDC data logger
ThermaData logger TB2F Data Logger, blind with 2 external sensors
ThermaData TD2F data-logger - LCD with two external fixed sensors
ThermaData logger TB2C Data Logger, blind with two external sensors with connectors
ThermaData logger TD2C data logger with LCD and twin external sensors
Data logger USB cradle software and start magnet
Data logger colour coded seals
ThermaData Data logger protective boot
HTB humidity data logger - ThermaData logger
humidity & temperature logger ThermaData HTD
foil between pack data logger probe
food simulant data logger probe
thermometer comparator
3000 series dry-well heat source calibrators
3101 Dry Well heat - cool source calibrator
MicroCal 1
MicroCal 1 Plus simulator thermometer
MicroCal 2 temperature simulator
MicroCal 3 temperature simulator
thermistor test caps
PT100 test caps
MicroCheck three- point temperature checker simulator
6500 Therma hygrometer thermometer measures humidity & air temperature
Therma-Hygrometer - hygrometer thermometer
MoistureAlert hygrometer
Therma-Hygrometer for panel mounting
Moisture meter kit for craftsman and professional use
moisture probe - general purpose
heavy duty hammer probe
deep wall damp probe
general purpose pH electrode
6mm spear-shaped pH electrode
spear-shaped pH electrode 12mm
knife probe pH electrode
TDS conductivity testers
HortiCare nutrient tester
alarm thermometer - max-min and in-out
soil thermometer - soil probe thermometer
Digital indoor - outdoor thermometer with alarm
room thermometer - 25 x 175mm
room thermometer - 45 x 195mm
factory act thermometer - 45 x 195mm
beechwood thermometer - 45 x 205mm
protective PVC boot 830-205
protective PVC boot 830-215
protective PVC boot 830-242
large zip- pouch 830-002
probe holder clips for dial thermometers
temperature log books - A5
PP3 Duracell alkaline 9v battery
LR44 button cell battery 1.5v
393X button cell battery - 1.5v
half AA lithium battery - 3.6v
CR2032 lithium - pack of 2 - 3v
Probe Wipes 180 tub x 6
Probe-Wipes wall bracket - stainless steel
thermometer holder 832-115
137-045 surface probe
810-951 penetration probe
810-952 three metre wire probe
810-954 silicone probe 1.5 metre
810-955 oven penetration probe
protective Thermapen holster with belt loop 830-110
810-935 penetration probe
CaterTemp Plus holder 832-150
133-161 stainless steel penetration probe
133-151 fast response probe
133-301 air or gas temperature probe
ribbon surface temperature probe
133-155 FEP (plastic) probe
protective RayTemp pouch (830-040)
small hard case for RayTemp thermometers (834-740)
RayTemp magnetic holder - 814-150
data logger probe - general purpose
calibrator insert 3.3mm (271-321)
271-322 calibrator insert 4.1mm
calibrator insert 4.8mm (271-323)
calibrator insert 6.4mm (271-324)
calibrator insert 9.6mm (271-325)
thermocouple lead set (816-100)
standard moisture meter pins - 602-530
hammer probe spare pins - 602-537
spare deep wall probes (pair) - 602-539
pH buffer solution
pH buffer capsules - pack of 10
6.7mS nutrient solution - 816-070
Food Check food thermometer and probe
Infra-red thermometer kit - RayTemp 8
Therma 20 thermistor HACCP thermometer - for high accuracy readings
ThermaCheck thermistor thermometer with probe
Legionnaires' Premium Water Temperature Thermometer Kit
colour-coded penetration probe
fast response Therma 22 penetration probe
rigid between pack Therma 22 probe
Therma 22 air or gas probe
air or gas wire temperature probe
foil between pack temperature probe
Therma 20 penetration probe
HTBF humidity temperature logger blind with external sensors
HTDF humidity temperature data logger
Hygro-Thermo pen-shaped pocket hygrometer thermometer
food simulant temperature probe
protective silicone boots for Therma series, Food Check and more
224-617 spare probe for 6100/6102
protective wallet 830-100
TDS solutions
Thermapen Classic silicone protective boot 830-260
ThermaLite silicone boot 830-280
6000 & 6002 therma hygrometers
hygrometers - 6100 & 6102 therma hygrometers with interchangeable probes
Reference thermometer calibration thermometer
Precision high accuracy PT100 thermometer
budget catering thermometer kit
Sous Vide Thermometer Kits - precise temperature measurement
thermocouple air or gas probe
PT100 - liquid temperature probe
PT100 - liquid temperature probe
Therma 20 penetration probe
Damped air temperature probe
small handled penetration probe
small handled fast response penetration probe
small handled needle penetration probe
174-170 DTR switched penetration probe
thermometer zip- pouch 830-005
thermometer zip- pouch 830-037
pH PAL Plus pH tester ideal for food processing and laboratories
Therma Differential Thermometer two channel, T1 or T2 or T1 minus T2 differential
Therma Waterproof Type K Thermometer with IP66/67 protection
HVAC Premium thermometer kit
Reference Thermapen high resolution, high accuracy thermometer
Therma-Hygrometer - hygrometer thermometer with max/min & alarm functions
Thermocouple ThermaData loggers for high temperature applications
binder temperature probe
stainless steel wall bracket and white boot 832-050
oven temperature probe
Food simulant temperature probe
stainless steel wall bracket and black boot 832-053
Flexible Safety Penetration Probe
Smokehouse penetration probe - stainless armoured or braided lead
Therma-Hygrometer thermometer & hygrometer
Saf-T-Log HACCP paperless temperature recording
Therma-Hygrometer with internal & external temperature probe
Healthy living Therma-Hygrometer with comfort level indication
Mini RayTemp infrared thermometer
large meat thermometer with 60mm dial
Thermapen Classic Glow in the Dark protective boot 830-265
Thermamite digital thermometer with food probe
Therma 20 Plus waterproof thermometer for food processing
Therma 22 Plus waterproof thermometer for food processing
ThermaCheck Plus waterproof thermometer and probe
Stainless Steel ThermaData Data Loggers
General Purpose BlueTherm Duo Temperature Probe
Crocodile Clip Oven Probe for ThermaQ, ThermaQ Blue and BlueTherm One
K Thermocouple Penetration Probe for ThermaQ, ThermaQ Blue and BlueTherm One
Waterproof Heavy Duty Penetration Probe
Waterproof Bell Surface Temperature Probes
Waterproof T Type Penetration Probe
Waterproof Plug Mounted Penetration Probe
8000 pH Meter with interchangeable electrode
8100 pH and temperature meter kit
8100 Plus pH temperature meter / 8100 Plus kit
Digital Max / Min Thermometer with Internal Temperature Sensor
NTC thermistor waterproof temperature probe with lumberg connector
tyre temperature probe with adjustable probe depth
protective silicone boot 830-210
PTFE wire probe 2000mm
Sous Vide foam tape - 1 metre 600-470
HortiStick Nutrient Tester for pH, EC & temperature
Pro-Surface Thermapen thermometer for grills and hotplates
Therma Waterproof stainless steel wall bracket 832-015
Therma Waterproof Silicone Boot
Hard Carry case for Therma Waterproof thermometer (834-130)
Flexible tripod for Bluetooth Loggers
HVAC Standard thermometer kit
810-158 Replacement probe for 810-155
810-085 replacement probe for 810-080
Carton of 100 single sachet probe wipes
Thermapen Sous Vide thermometer with miniature needle probe
TempTest 1 Smart Thermometer with 360 degree rotating display
Super-Fast Mini Thermometer with max/min and hold functions
Fridge or Freezer Thermometer with internal sensor & max/min function
ChefAlarm professional cooking thermometer & timer
DOT Smoke or ChefAlarm penetration probe
mini needle probe for DOT Smoke and ChefAlarm
TimeStick one-handed timer
Extra Big & Loud Timer
TempTest Thermometer Silicone Boot
Digital max min alarm thermometer with internal & external sensors
pH Electrode Storage Solution
pH Electrode Cleaning Solution
Belt Clip for Bluetherm thermometer
IR-Pocket Thermometer - infrared thermometer
7250 Moisture Meter & Damp Meter for timber & building materials
7000 damp tester meter and moisture meter with probe
TempTest 2 Smart Thermometer with rotating display
waterproof surface temperature probe
ThermaData TD1C data logger with internal & external sensor
temperature probe T-shaped - asphalt or food processing
penetration probe T-shaped
Corkscrew temperature probe
roller surface temperature probe
velcro pipe temperature probe - HVAC temperature probe
Interchangeable thermometer probe handle
RayTemp 28 High Temperature Infrared Thermometer
Tadiran AA battery 3.6v
Comfort thermometer
Thermapen Professional silicone protective boot
Digital Fridge Thermometer with UKAS Calibration Certificate
DishTemp dishwasher thermometer
DOT Digital Oven Thermometer
penetration probe for DOT or ChefAlarm or Smoke
Dial Hygrometer - low cost & easy to read
Therma 1T Thermometer - high accuracy thermometer
RayTemp 2 high accuracy Infrared Thermometer
colour-coded milk frothing thermometers - barista thermometers
high temperature fibreglass wire probe
Temperature probe extension lead - extends probe reach
liquid temperature probe - for ETI data loggers
oven probe & clip for ThermaQ, ThermaQ Blue and BlueTherm One
DOT Smoke or ChefAlarm oven probe and clip
HVAC zip pouch 830-090
Therma Series zip pouch 830-030
pH Meter Kit zip pouch 830-080
170-101 pH Thermistor penetration probe
170-100 pH Thermistor penetration probe
ThermaData Studio Software v6
penetration temperature probe for liquids & solids
fast response temperature probe T thermocouple
Ice Bath Mug for temperature calibration
Manometer and Differential Silicone Boot with stand and magnet
Burger temperature probe
ThermaGuard Fridge Temperature Monitoring Thermometer
Digital Cooking Thermometer/Clock/Timer
Brass Sugar and Jam Thermometer
Thermapen Stainless Steel Wall Bracket
Thermapen IR infrared thermometer with foldaway probe
RayTemp 2 Plus infrared thermometer with automatic 360° rotating display
WiFi Logger ThermaData TD1F - two channel thermistor logger
General purpose penetration probe - ideal for TD2TC WiFi data-loggers
ThermaQ Blue thermometer - monitors temperature remotely
BlueTherm One LE thermometer
ThermaQ WiFi Professional Barbecue Thermometer and Logger
ETI Rain Gauge
Thermapen Burger Probe - Cook the Perfect Burger
Compost Thermometer
Aquarium thermometer with in fish tank and room sensors
Vivarium hygrometer with 70mm dial
WiFi Data Logger ThermaData TD Wireless with internal sensor
Smoke Wireless Barbecue Thermometer
Thermapen Blue wireless thermometer
protective silicone boot 830-880
ribbon surface temperature probe - right-angled
fast response penetration probe
penetration probe T-shaped
high temperature mineral insulated probe
high temperature mineral insulated flexible probe
Submersible Temperature Probe
pipe surface temperature probe
PT100 - penetration probe with T-shaped handle
1000 mm long, heavy duty NTC thermistor probe with T-shaped handle
general purpose temperature probe
general purpose temperature probe
air or gas temperature probe
high temperature thermometer probe - 300 mm
Waterproof Legionnaires' or Legionella thermometer kit - IP66/67
Miniature Thermocouple plug or socket
Probe attachment pads
HortiStick replacement electrode
Digital Max Min thermometer for home, office or garden
9202 Manometer Differential Pressure Meter
9200 Series Pressure Meters for measuring positive & negative differential pressure
Manometer hoses for 9215, 9230 & 9275 pressure meters
RayTemp Blue Infrared Thermometer
Stainless Steel Steak Thermometer 45mm Dial
Stainless Steel Bake & Cake Thermometer 45mm Dial
Thermapen IR silicone protective boot
Manometer hoses for 9202 & 9205 pressure meters
Thermapen Blue Glow in the Dark protective boot
stainless steel wall bracket and yellow boot 832-222
ThermaGuard Pharm Vaccine Thermometers
ThermaData Pharm vaccine data loggers
Glycol Solution (816-035)
UKAS 3 point - instrument & probe (-18, 0, +70°C) *probe required for calibration
UKAS 5 point certificate instrument only (-18, 0, +40, +70, +100°C)
UKAS 5 point -instrument & probe (-18, 0, +40, +70, +100°C) *probe required for calibration
UKAS 3 point internal sensor logger certificate (-18, 0, +40°C)
UKAS 3 point humidity certificate (25, 50, 75%rh)
UKAS 3 point - instrument & 2 probes (-18, 0, +70°C) *probes required for calibration
UKAS 5 point - instrument & 2 probes (-18, 0, +40, +70, +100°C) *probes required for calibration
UKAS 3 point - instrument & 3 probes (-18, 0, +70°C) *probes required for calibration
UKAS 5 point - instrument & 3 probes (-18, 0, +40, +70, +100°C) *probes required for calibration
UKAS 3 point - instrument & probe (-18, 0, +70°C) *probe required for calibration
5 point traceable IR certificate instrument only (-18, 0, +40, +70, +100°C)
UKAS 3 point humidity certificate (25, 50, 75%rh)
Thermapen Air - Thermapen with air probe - ideal for HVAC
Thermapen Surface - Thermapen with surface probe - ideal for hotplates, grills etc
Thermapen Classic thermometer with strong penetration probe
Therma 1 Industrial Thermometer
Therma 3 Industrial Thermometer
Therma Elite Industrial Thermometer
ThermaLite 2 catering thermometers
ThermaLite Surface Probe Thermometers
ThermaStick Pocket Thermometers
ThermaData Lite logger
USB-C Lead for Data Loggers
ThermaData WiFi HTD Humidity Logger
Magnetic Mount
Kitchen oven timer minutes/seconds
TempTest Blue Smart Thermometer with 360 degree rotating display
Standard Legionnaires' or legionella thermometer kit
Waterproof protective pouch
DishTemp stainless steel wall bracket 832-280
ThermaProbe Waterproof Thermometer with rotating display
Signals 4 Channel WiFi & Bluetooth Thermometer
Thermapen IR infrared thermometer with air probe
Thermapen First Foods Thermometer
Digital fridge thermometer with safety zone indicator
Max Min Digital Thermometer with LCD Bar Graph
budget pH electrode
2.8 mS Nutrient Solution - 816-071
Budget pH Knife Electrode
TempTest holster belt clip and wall bracket
Ear Thermometer Probe Covers
UKAS 3 point - instrument & 4 probes (-18, 0, +70°C) *probes required for calibration
UKAS 5 point 2 input simulation certificate (-18, 0, +40, +70, +100°C)
UKAS 5 point - instrument & 4 probes (-18, 0, +40, +70, +100°C) *probes required for calibration
UKAS 3 point - instrument & 2 probes (-18, 0, +70°C) *probes required for calibration
Precision Plus high accuracy thermometer with UKAS certificate
Grey Silicone Pot Stand or Trivet
Timewash Digital Timer for hand washing
Frying Oil Test Strips
Three Channel Kitchen Timer with alarm
Multi-function thermometer - digital catering thermometer
DishTemp Blue Dishwasher Thermometer
Stainless Steel ThermaData Pro Data Loggers
3 point traceable manometer certificate
3 point traceable moisture meter certificate
3 point traceable anemometer certificate
RayTemp HSE IR Thermometer
Antibacterial surface wipes carton of 50
No touch Forehead Thermometer
9035 Anemometer Thermometer
Therma Waterproof Type T Thermometer with IP66/67 protection
Waterproof Type T Thermocouple Penetration Probe
Waterproof Type T surface temperature probe
CaterTemp Metal Thermometer
Therma K Metal Thermometer
Therma K & CaterTemp Metal Stainless Steel Wall Bracket
Flow Cup with Digital Thermometer
SaniSafe Anti-bacterial Wipes
WiFi Logger ThermaData TD2F - two channel thermistor logger
WiFi Logger ThermaData TD2TC - two channel type K or T thermocouple logger
Protective thermometer zip wallet 830-157
ThermaQ 2 four channel thermocouple thermometer
Q Series Air Probe & Clip
Q Series Smokehouse Cooking Probe
Q Series Penetration Probe
High Temperature Coloured thermometer probe rings
TD Link App
ThermaQ® App for Temperature Monitoring
Saf-T-Log Software
Firmware Updates & TeamViewer
Thermapen IR glow in the dark boot
Micro Probe Wipes
Calibration Water Bath
IR-500 Black Body Calibrator
TempTest 2 Blue Bluetooth Thermometer
T Shaped Air or Gas Probe
Waterproof Flow Probe
T Shaped Oven Probe
Therma 20 Metal Thermometer
ThermaData 4 Channel Data Logger
Hard Carry case for Therma 20 Thermometer (834-120)
Spare Clip for Q Series Air Probe 830-530
ABS Wall Bracket
AA 3.6 Volt 2/3 Lithium battery 839-110
Thermapen ONE Thermometer
Thermapen One Glow in the Dark boot
AAA Duracell alkaline batteries - 6 pack
AA Duracell alkaline batteries - 6 pack
Probe-Spool for DOT & Chef Alarm
TempTest Blue Tyre Thermometer with Adjustable Depth Probe
Billows BBQ Temperature Control Fan
BlueDOT Bluetooth Thermometer
Kamado Mounting Plates for Billows
Billows Damper
Billows Fan Replacement Adapter
Billows Fan Expansion Adapter
0.75” Thread Mount for Billows
1.18" Universal Mount for Billows
2" Thread Mount for Billows
1.5" Thread Mount for Billows


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