Sous Vide Thermometer Kits - precise temperature measurement


Sous Vide Thermometer kits,  for precise temperature measurement

  • fast response, reaches temperature in just 3 seconds!
  • delivers consistent results for Sous Vide cooking
  • eliminates over-cooking & drying out of meat
  • 2 year guarantee

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Sous Vide thermometer kits - ETI has designed two Sous Vide thermometer kits that contain the high accuracy Therma 1 thermometer. The kit contents are as follows:

Therefore, ETI has designed two Sous Vide kits; each containing a high accuracy Therma 1 thermometer, Sous Vide needle probe(s) and Sous Vide foam/tape, all supplied in a FREE carrying case/zip pouch. For the full specification on the Therma 1 thermometer, click here. Sous Vide cooking has become more popular in professional kitchens over the past few years. New cooking methods require new temperature testing techniques. To read our guide to Sous Vide cooking please click here.

Sous Vide kit contains:

  • Therma 1 thermometer (221-041)
  • 60 mm Sous Vide needle probe (133-109)
  • 120 mm Sous Vide needle probe (133-110)
  • waterproof countdown timer (806-150)
  • tub of 70 Mini Wipes (836-022)
  • Sous Vide foam/tape - one metre (600-470)
  • ABS carrying case (834-150)

Budget Sous Vide kit contains:

  • Therma 1 thermometer (221-041)
  • 60 mm Sous Vide needle probe (133-109)
  • Sous Vide foam/tape - one metre (600-470)
  • zip pouch (830-037)

Sous Vide is French for 'under vacuum' and is a method of cooking food that has been sealed in airtight plastic bags then cooked in a water bath for a longer time at lower than normal temperatures. Testing the core temperature is important in Sous Vide cooking therefore an accurate thermometer is a must. This method of cooking ensures the chef maintains the integrity of the ingredients.



range 0.1°C:-99.9 to 299.9°C
range 1°C:300 to 1372°C
resolution:0.1°C & 1°C
accuracy:±0.4°C ±0.1%
battery:3 x 1.5 volt AAA
battery life:minimum 5 years (10000 hours)
sensor type:K thermocouple
display: 12mm LCD
dimensions:25 x 56 x 128mm
weight:130 grams
case material: ABS plastic with Biomaster anti-bacterial additive
country of manufacture: United Kingdom
guarantee: two years
measurement scale: Celsius
certification: FREE traceable calibration certificate

Biomaster protection

Biomaster antimicrobial technology is incorporated in the majority of ETI products during the manufacturing process, reducing the risk of bacterial cross contamination. As well as being harmful to health, outbreaks of food poisoning can damage brands, and the reputation of stores, food producers and restaurants. This protection lasts for the useful lifetime of the product.

The risk of food-borne contamination is widespread, existing in restaurants, bars, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, aircraft, cruise ships and your home. Anywhere where food is made, prepared or eaten.

Biomaster treated products have been proven to reduce the growth of food borne bacteria such as E.Coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter by up to 99.99%, so by choosing an ETI product with Biomaster additive, your product is protected 24 hours a day, every day.

What is Biomaster?

Biomaster is the leading brand of Antimicrobial Technology providing safe, effective and long-lasting protection against the growth of harmful bacteria, making any surface cleaner and more hygienic for its entire lifetime.

Proven to quickly reduce bacteria by up to 99.99% Biomaster is an effective means of reducing the growth of MRSA, E.Coli, Salmonella Campylobacter and Legionella and over 50 other species.

Incorporated into the body material of your ETI product, Biomaster becomes an integral part of it, providing durable, lifelong protection against the threat of cross contamination. 

How does it work?

The active ingredient in Biomaster is silver. Silver has been used in its pure form for many centuries to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Incredibly durable, long lasting and highly active, when Biomaster is added during manufacture it is dispersed throughout the product casing, will not wash off and will last for its entire lifetime. Biomaster provides antimicrobial protection without allowing bacteria to develop resistance.


Biomaster has 3 different modes of action:





CaterTemp & Digital Instructions

User manual for ETI CaterTemp, Therma 1, Therma 3 and Therma Elite digital thermometers

Download (427.92k)

Sous Vide Kit brochure

Brochure for the ETI Sous Vide Thermometer Kit

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860-035 C of C

860-035 Sous Vide Kit certificate of conformity

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860-036 C of C

860-036 Budget Sous Vide Kit certificate of conformity

Download (230.48k)


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