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Thermistor probes and thermometer probes for catering and industrial thermometers. ETI manufactures an extensive range of thermistor thermometer probes to compliment our range of portable, hand held thermometers and data-loggers. All ETI thermistor probes are based on the use of R25 10 kilohm B25/85 3977 K ±1 % NTC Thermistor sensors. All images show probe configuration based on the type selected Click here to read our thermistor probe guide!

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Thermistor Temperature Probe Guide

NTC Thermistor probes are accurate probes that exhibit a change in resistance with a change of temperature.

Thermistor probes have a negative temperature co-effective(NTC), the resistance decreases with the increase in temperature. Thermistor probes cover a limited temperature range and are generally slower to respond to changes in temperature than thermocouples but quicker than PT100 probes. Thermistor probes tend to be smaller than PT100 probes but larger than thermocouple probes. Thermistor probes are not recommended for the measurement of surface temperatures. ETI manufactures an extensive range of thermistor probes to compliment our range of thermometers, data-loggers and instrumentation.. 

lead types
The PVC lead is a general purpose lead. FEP (fluoroethylene-propylene) leads are low temperature leads ideal for working in sub-zero environments to a minimum temperature of -100 °C. As standard and where appropriate, each probe is supplied with a one metre straight PVC lead and is fitted with a compatible Lumberg or binder connector. Maximum temperature for both PVC and PU leads is 80 °C.

Applications quoted are typical for the specific probe, although there are many alternative uses for which the probe could be equally suitable. For advice on a specific probe for a particular application, please contact the ETI technical sales team. Where requirements cannot be met from the existing standard range of probes, alternative designs can be manufactured. 

Probe Accuracy Specifications
For full information on ETI probe accuracy specifications please click this link:

For further detailed specification or bespoke probe requirement please contact ETI Technical Sales, call 01903 202 151 or email

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