Food Simulant Data Logger Probe

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Food simulant temperature probe for data logger

  • Use in fridges, freezers and cold rooms
  • Probe temperature range -20 to 100 °C
  • Accuracy ±0.4 °C between -20 & 100 °C
  • One metre PUR/PVC lead
  • 9 x 100 x 100mm

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Product code: 172-350
Made in UK BRCGS

Food Simulant Temperature Probe. This polypropylene food simulant probe is designed for use in food storage and refrigeration applications.
When fitted to a data logger the probe simulates the actual temperature of foods in chill cabinets and similar appliances. Thus measuring the food temperature, not the ambient temperature.
The probe incorporates a one metre PUR/PVC lead and compatible three-pin Binder connector. Probe temperature range -20 to 100 °C. Fits any ETI data logger with a compatible socket

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Data sheet

Probe Accuracy (NTC Thermistor):±0.4 °C between -20 & 100 °C, ±0.3 °C between -10 & 0 °C, ±0.2 °C between 0 & 70 °C, ±0.4 °C between 70 & 100 °C
Probe Range:-20 to 100°C

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172-350 C of C

172-350 certificate of conformity

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