Food Simulant Temperature Probe

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Thermistor Food Simulant Temperature Probe for accurate cold food monitoring
  • Designed for cold food storage
  • Slow response time simulates food temperatures
  • Reads from -20 to 100 °C
  • Accurate to ±0.4 °C

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Product code: 170-350
Made in UK BRCGS

Unlike traditional sensors, which only monitor the air temperature inside the fridge, this Food Simulant Probe provides a more accurate reflection of actual food temperatures.

Air is quicker to respond to temperature changes than food. The Food Simulant probe features a slower response time, which is designed to match food more closely.

This means that if equipment fails or if a fridge door is left open, for example, you can be more certain when your food has risen in temperature and avoid discarding food unnecessarily.

One Instrument, Multiple Probes

For businesses with multiple fridges/freezers, users can set the probes in place and use one thermistor thermometer, such as the Therma 20, to visit each probe and take a reading throughout the day. This will make temperature checks easy and accurate without having to purchase multiple instruments for each fridge.

Full list of compatible instruments:

Therma 20

Therma 20 Metal

Therma 22

Therma 22 Plus

8100 Plus


Compact design

The Food Simulant's sleek, compact design (measuring just 9 x 100 x 100 mm) fits neatly into the corner of your fridge, ensuring it won't get in the way of your food preparation. The PUR/PVC lead measures 1m. 

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Automated Temperature Monitoring

Want to save time on manual checks by automating your processes? View our thermocouple Food Simulant Probe, which is compatible with our TD2TC wireless data logger, to learn more.

Product Details

Data sheet

Probe Accuracy (NTC Thermistor):±0.4 °C between -20 & 100 °C, ±0.3 °C between -10 & 0 °C, ±0.2 °C between 0 & 70 °C, ±0.4 °C between 70 & 100 °C
Probe Range:-20 to 100°C
Probe Diameter:9 mm
Probe Length:100 mm x 100 mm
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170-350 C of C

170-350 certificate of conformity

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