Food simulant temperature probe

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Food simulant temperature probe.

  • Ideal for refrigerated food.
  • simulates actual food temperature
  • probe temperature range -20 to 100°C
  • accuracy (type K) ±0.5°C, 0°C to 100°C
  • accuracy (type T) ±0.2 °C, -20 °C to 70 °C
  • 9 x 100 x 100mm

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Food simulant Temperature Probe - 

This polypropylene food simulant probe is designed for use in refrigeration and food storage.

The probe simulates the temperature of foods in chill cabinets and similar appliances. Temperature range -20 to 100 °C.

probe accuracy:±0.5°C, 0°C to 100°C
probe accuracy (type T): to BS EN 60584-1:2013
probe range:-10 to 100°C
probe length:100 mm

Food Simulant Probe Advice Sheet

Food Simulant Probe Advice Sheet - useful advice sheet for ETI probes

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133-350 C of C

133-350 certificate of conformity

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