Product research & development

analytical instruments, pH meters, TDS testers, anemometers, refractometers

ETI’s development team endeavour to launch, and upgrade, products that meet continually changing market requirements.

The whole Company, including the Research and Development Department operate within an ISO9001-registered quality framework to ensure that the software and hardware that is developed meets our customer’s expectations.

Our development team has three main areas of expertise to ensure a quality product:

Software Development
Using the latest technologies we develop software for Microsoft Windows® environments [including Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server®]. This covers both developing new products and enhancing existing software, including our market-renowned ThermaData Studio.

The team develops with Visual Studio, and incorporates technologies such as Win32, MFC, the .NET Framework, WPF, MAF, and the new Microsoft Office Fluent™ UI into the products where they enhance the functionality of the software.

Our team also innovate with software Apps running on the Android and iOS platforms, including our BlueTherm Pro Apps for Bluetooth temperature probes. Our software is enhanced to meet market sector requirements, and BlueTherm HACCP is a good example of an App designed from our understanding of customer’s expectations.

Micro-Embedded development
Our team has a wide-range of experience writing embedded software for microprocessors in temperature monitoring applications. Our product range has evolved on several microprocessors over the years, and we have particular expertise-in-depth with Texas Instruments’ MSP430 range, Microchips’ 16F/18F series and ST Micros’ SM32 Arm Cortex M3.


We develop, in-house all the firmware for our UK manufactured thermometers/hygrometers and verify them against our own UKAS accredited temperature and humidity laboratories.

Design Engineering
Our electronic development team has over 50 years combined experience in designing and developing analogue and digital temperature measuring circuits and is continuing to expand into new fields such as RF temperature monitoring products.

Our mechanical development team has a combined experience of over 40 years in the design and moulding of thermometer and probe enclosures and constantly strives to improve functionally whilst retaining simplicity in the range of ETI products available today.


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