Hydroponics testers - a wide range of hydroponics testing equipment including nutrient testers, conductivity testers and meters and light testers to ensure consistently good yields and healthy plants... for guidance on selecting the hydroponics tester for your particular hydroponics application please read our guide to hydroponics equipment. Click for the ETI hyroponics tester guide!

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Hydroponics Instruments Guide

ETI offers a comprehensive range of hydroponics instruments and meters including pH meters, conductivity and dissolved oxygen meters, TDS meters, anemometers and redox testers. These instruments are designed as portable laboratory analysis testers for use in a wide range of industries. We have a care & maintenance guide available by clicking here!

These analytical meters can be used in many areas, for example:

The selection criteria for a thermometer should include:
food production
water quality
process industry
fish farming

pH meters
The pH (potential hydrogen) level of any material or substance is defined by the acidity or alkalinity of that substance and is represented on a scale of 0 to 14; 7pH being neutral, 0pH acidic and 14pH alkaline. This factor can affect many parameters in nearly all types of process or production.

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TDS meters
Conductivity and TDS meters are most commonly used to measure the concentration of dissolved solids in liquids. Conductivity meters utilise a substance's ability to conduct an electric current to give a reading in microSiemens (:S) or milli- Siemens (mS). Some TDS instruments automatically convert the conductivity value into parts per million (ppm) thus providing a direct reading of the dissolved solids concentration.

Redox meters
Redox meters are similar to the pH meters that quantify acidic or alkaline solutions. Liquids can also be graded as oxidising or reducing based on Redox measurements, sometimes referred to as ORP (oxidation reduction potential). Oxidation is a process during which a molecule or ion loses electrons. Redox meters are used to monitor many processes, particularly those involving reversible actions.

Dissolved oxygen meters

Dissolved oxygen meters are used to determine the quantity of dissolved oxygen in liquids, primarily water. The instruments give a reading/measurement in parts per million (ppm). The quantity of dissolved oxygen in water is a good indicator of water quality.

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