Infra-red thermometer kit - RayTemp 8



brand: ETI


RayTemp 8 thermometer kit

  • two thermometers in one
  • includes differential & average temperatures
  • target ratio 12:1 pocket-sized & simple to use
  • range IR -60 to 500°C
  • range  probe -64 to 1370°C

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Backlit display Centigrade Fahrenheit Auto-off Max-Min Type K mini plug Laser

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Infrared thermometer kit that contains the RayTemp® 8 infrared thermometer together with a penetration probe and wipes. Each RayTemp® thermometer kit is supplied in a useful ABS carrying case with a tub of 40 anti-bacterial UniWipes.

Each infrared thermometer kit contains:
1 x 814-045 RayTemp® 8 thermometer
1 x 123-160 penetration probe
1 x 836-022 One tub Mini Wipes (70)
1 x 834-740 ABS carrying case.


The RayTemp® 8 infra-red thermometer is compact, gun-shaped, lightweight and easy to use. Simply aim, press the button and display the temperature of the item being measured. The LCD display gives a digital read-out of temperature over the range of -60 to 500°C.

This infra-red thermometer incorporates a clear, easy to read, LCD display with low battery indication. The RayTemp® 8 infra-red thermometer incorporates an auto power off facility that turns the instrument off after 60 seconds, maximising battery life. The infra-red thermometer features a laser dot alignment for ease of use.

The RayTemp® 8 features a four-button keypad, allowing the user to select °C/°F and max/min. Additionally, the difference between the maximum and minimum temperature and the average temperature can be displayed.

two instruments in one
The RayTemp® 8 infrared thermometer incorporates a miniature thermocouple type K probe socket that enables a wide range of type K thermocouple probes to be used for a variety of temperature measurement applications, including air, liquid and surface temperatures. For details of compatible type K thermocouple probes, please click here.

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For an emissivity table click here


range - infrared: -60 to 500°C
range - probe: -64 to 1370°C
resolution: 0.1°C or °F (-9.9 to 199.9°C) or 1°C
accuracy - infrared: ±2% of reading or ±2°C whichever is greater
accuracy - probe : ±1% of reading or ±1°C whichever is greater
field of view: target ratio 12:1
emissivity: 0.95 default - adjustable 0.1 to 1.00
battery: 2 x AAA alkaline
battery life: 180 hours continuous use
display: custom LCD
backlight: Yes
dimensions: 40 x 66 x 155mm
weight: 185 grams
case material: ABS plastic
guarantee: one year
measurement scale: Celsius/Fahrenheit

RayTemp 8 User Manual

User manual for the RayTemp 8 infrared thermometer

Download (439.25k)

Tyre Temperature probe leaflet

Tyre temperature monitoring guide for motorsport

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ETI Asphalt Leaflet

Therma 1 and RayTemp 8 thermometers - ideal for asphalt and blacktop use

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860-845 C of C

860-845 RayTemp 8 Kit certificate of conformity

Download (133.44k)
  • order code: 831-100
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    A5 temperature log book. holds six months of temperature records allows 3 readings per day log temperature, time and operators initials available in singles or a pack of 10

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  • order code: 836-020
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    Mini probe wipes - QAC free x 10 tubs (700) wipes measure 70 x 130mm convenient and easy to use anti-bacterial effective against listeria and salmonella

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  • order code: 830-040
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    Large protective zip pouch for  RayTemp® thermometers (830-040) protects your RayTemp from knocks grained 'leather look'  

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