Food Simulant Temperature Probe

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Food simulant temperature probe 

  • Ideal for storage & refrigeration use.
  • Probe temperature range -20 to 100°C
  • Accuracy ±0.4 °C between -20 & 100 °C
  • 90 x 100 x 100mm with 1m PUR/PVC lead

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Product code: 170-350
Made in UK BRCGS

This polypropylene food simulant thermometer probe is designed for use in food storage and refrigeration. This NTC thermistor probe simulates the actual temperature of foods in chill cabinets and similar appliances, rather than simply reading the ambient temperature. The Food Simulant probe incorporates a one metre PUR/PVC lead and compatible three-pin Lumberg connector. The probe temperature range is -20 to 100°C and it is suitable for use with the Therma 20, 22, Therma 20 Plus, 22 Plus & 8100 Plus. The probe dimensions are 90 x 100 x 100mm.

Product Details

Data sheet

Probe Accuracy (NTC Thermistor):±0.4 °C between -20 & 100 °C, ±0.3 °C between -10 & 0 °C, ±0.2 °C between 0 & 70 °C, ±0.4 °C between 70 & 100 °C
Probe Range:-20 to 100°C

Specific References

170-350 C of C

170-350 certificate of conformity

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