Saf-T-Log HACCP Paperless Temperature Recording

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Saf-T-Log temperature logger for paperless HACCP monitoring

  • Displays date, time and user name with each reading
  • Automatically archives data & creates reports
  • Helps your business be HACCP compliant
  • Biomaster product protection
  • Meets the European Standard EN 13485
  • Probe not included
  • Kit option available with probe and boot

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Add calibration certificate (10-14 working days)

UKAS 3 point - instrument & probe (-18, 0, +70°C) *probe required for calibration

UKAS 3 point - instrument & probe (-18, 0, +70°C) *probe required for calibration

UKAS 5 Point Certificate - Instrument Only (-18, 0, +40, +70, +100°C)

UKAS 5 Point Certificate - Instrument Only (-18, 0, +40, +70, +100°C)

UKAS 5 point -instrument & probe (-18, 0, +40, +70, +100°C) *probe required for calibration

UKAS 5 point -instrument & probe (-18, 0, +40, +70, +100°C) *probe required for calibration


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Product code: 292-701
Made in UK BRCGS

Robust, high-quality temperature logger

Featuring a durable IP66/67 waterproof case and a wide temperature range of -100 to 1372 °C, this HACCP process thermometer can be used for a variety of industries, including harsh applications such as food processing, where a more robust unit is required.

It is compatible with our wide range of type K thermocouple probes, so you can tailor your instrument to your requirements. Probe not included.

The temperature logger also features a high contrast backlit display, a high accuracy of ±0.4 °C and a calibration trim function. A FREE traceable certificate of calibration is included.

Saf-T-Log kit option available

Select the Saf-T-Log & Probe Kit to receive a FREE probe and silicone boot. The kit includes the following:

1 x Saf-T-Log Thermometer (292-701)

1 x Fast Response Professional Probe (323-159)

1 x Therma Waterproof Boot in white 830-231

Please note the kit cannot be used with any other discounts or offers.

FREE Saf-T-Log software

Download our FREE Saf-T-Log software to manage your logger and view, download, save and share your data using a PC.

Robust, high-quality temperature logger

The Saf-T-Log HACCP process thermometer is designed to make daily temperature checks quick, easy and accurate. Readings are stored at the touch of a button and can be downloaded onto a PC using our FREE software.

Paperless HACCP temperatures

Eliminate paper logbooks and handwriting temperature checks with the Saf-T-Log. This easy-to-use temperature logger has a wide range of useful features to make recording the temperature of food easier:


  • Create a list of up to 300 items for routine measurement add up to seven checklists
  • Record up to 1000 readings add up to 25 users
  • Set high/low temperature limits for each item
  • Receive instant pass/fail feedback to confirm if the reading is in range
  • Programme up to 10 corrective actions
  • Time delay feature available for each item
How to use the Saf-T-Log food thermometer

Connect the logger to a PC using the USB-C cable provided and programme your settings using our FREE software. Disconnect, and plug in a probe to start working through your checklists.

The readings will be flagged as pass or fail, depending on whether they are within your set ranges. If the user receives a fail, they will be prompted to take a corrective action from your preset list.

Save your temperatures at the touch of a button and reconnect to your PC to download them. Reports are automatically generated from the data, highlighting failed results and including notes and corrective actions.
The Saf-T-Log report is locked, so the data cannot be tampered with.


Download the free Saf-T-Log Software
Product Details

Data sheet

Range:-100 to 1372 °C
Resolution:0.1 °C
Accuracy:±0.4 °C ±0.1% of reading
Battery:3 x 1.5 volt AAA
Battery Life:3000 hours (without backlight)
Sensor Type:K thermocouple
Display: 12mm LCD
Dimensions:32 x 71 x 141mm
Weight:220 grams
Case Material: ABS plastic includes Biomaster product protection
Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom
Guarantee: two years
Water/Dust Resistance: IP66/67 protection
Measurement Scale: Celsius/Fahrenheit
Certification: FREE traceable calibration certificate
Conforms to Standard:EN 13485

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Saf-T-Log Software

Saf-T-Log thermometer - v3.0.4.0 zip

Download (88.4MB)
Saf-T-Log update instructions

Saf-T-Log firmware update instructions

Download (1.13MB)
Saf-T-Log Quickstart

Saf-T-Log Quickstart Guide

Download (267.88KB)
Saf-T-Log Firmware Update 3.5.0

Saf-T-Log firmware upgrade v3.5.0

Download (53.66MB)
292-701 C of C

Saf-T-Log certificate of conformity

Download (71.12KB)

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