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Fridge freezer thermometers & refrigeration thermometers. Quality fridge thermometers or freezer thermometers are essential to guarantee food is stored safely. These ETI refrigeration thermometers will ensure your fridge or freezer is always at the correct temperature, keeping your food healthy and safe to eat. Click here to read our fridge & freezer thermometer guide!

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Fridge & Freezer Thermometer Guide

Maintaining the correct temperature of your fridge or freezer is vital in ensuring the contents stay fresh and safe.

There are numerous fridge/freezer thermometers ranging from simple analogue dial fridge thermometers to highly sophisticated, high accuracy, professional models with alarms and dual sensors.

analogue dial fridge/freezer thermometers
These are available in bi-metallic spring and spirit filled types with cases made from both plastic and stainless steel. They are simple to read and use and can be place either on a shelf in your fridge, or hung by a hook.  All have an easy to read, colour-coded design and incorporate the standard fridge and freezer star markings.

digital fridge/freezer thermometers
There are several different styles available in our digital range with both internal and external sensor models available with additional features like programmable high/low alarms, max-min temperature display and food safety zone indication, depending on model chosen.

For professional hotel and restaurant use our Thermaguard High accuracy thermometers offer the ultimate in performance and reliability and include a CalCheck function for assured accuracy. The Thermaguard Pharm offers similar standards of accuracy and performance for the pharmaceutical & health sectors.


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