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pH buffer solutions

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Ready-made pH buffer solutions 

  • Quick, easy & accurate pH calibration
  • Use to calibrate pH meters, testers & probes
  • Convenient ready-made buffer solutions
  • 100ml bottles for 4.01, 7.00 and 10.01 pH
  • 1-litre option for 7.00 pH 
pH Range

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Product code: 816-051

pH meters and electrodes are prone to drift and require regular recalibration to ensure readings are accurate. 

These ready-made pH buffer solutions are designed for quick and easy calibration checks. They are precisely formulated to their pH values to ensure your pH meter is accurately calibrated. 

These pH calibration solutions are available in two sizes: 

  • Small 100ml bottles — available in 4.01pH, 7.00pH and 10.01pH
  • Large 1-litre bottle — available in 7.00pH

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