6100 & 6102 Series Therma-Hygrometers with Interchangeable Probes

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ETI 6100 / 6102 Therma-Hygrometer humidity meters with dew point calculation

  • Interchangeable %rh & temperature probe
  • Displays max/min humidity or temperature
  • Max/min function & dew point calculation
  • Long battery life - 10000 hours
  • High accuracy ±2 %rh
  • Optional 3-point (25, 50 & 75 %rh) UKAS Certificate

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UKAS 3 Point - Humidity Certificate (25, 50, 75 %RH)

UKAS 3 Point - Humidity Certificate (25, 50, 75 %RH)


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Product code: 224-610
Made in UK BRCGS

Hygrometers - The 6100 & 6102 therma-hygrometers are easy to use hygrometers, or relative humidity and air temperature measuring meters. The units measure %rh over the range of 0 to 100%rh with a resolution of 0.1 %rh and temperature over the range of -20 to 70°C with a resolution of 0.1°C/°F.

These humidity meters incorporate a clear custom LCD with °C, %rh, max/min, hold and dew point indication. There is an automatic display of both open circuit and low battery. These units display humidity and temperature simultaneously and additionally incorporate a backlit display.

The units are powered by three 1.5 volt AAA batteries with a minimum life expectancy of up to 10000 hours. An auto power off facility turns the therma-hygrometer off automatically after 10 minutes, maximising battery life.

The 6100 / 6102  therma-hygrometers utilise an interchangeable probe that incorporates a one-metre lead with a 6-pin Lumberg connector.

An optional 3-point (25, 50 & 75%rh) UKAS Humidity Calibration Certificate is available at a preferential price when purchased with these therma-hygrometers. Select this option from drop-down.

To add recommended probes and other accessories select your choices from the 'Add Accessories' dropdowns, then click 'Buy Now! button.


The Humidity Sensors housed in these products are susceptible to contamination from pollutants such as solvents and exposure to saturated air and therefore are not covered under the 2 year warranty.
Furthermore it is expected that the sensor’s readings will drift by up to 0.5% per year.


Product Details

Data sheet

Range - Temperature:-20 to 70 °C
Range - Humidity:0 to 100%rh
Resolution - Temperature:0.1 °C/°F
Resolution - Humidity:0.1%rh
Accuracy - Temperature:Accuracy ±0.4 °C over the range 10 to 40 °C otherwise ±1 °C ±1 digit
Accuracy - Humidity:±2 %rh (10 to 90 %rh)
Hysteresis - Humidity:±1 %rh
Battery:3 x 1.5 volt AAA
Battery Life:minimum 5 years (10000 hours)
Sensor Type:temperature: silicone bandgap - humidity: capacitance polymer
Display: 12mm LCD
Dimensions:25 x 56 x 128mm
Weight:160 grams
Case Material: ABS plastic includes Biomaster product protection
Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom
Guarantee: two years
Measurement Scale: Celsius, Fahrenheit, %rh & dew point

Specific References

6000 series manual

ETI 6000 series humidity meters manual

Download (548.73KB)
224-610 C of C

6100 Therma Hygro certificate of conformity

Download (70.86KB)
224-612 C of C

6102 Therma Hygro certificate of conformity

Download (70.86KB)

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