Meet the Production team!

For the benefit of our new staff members, we have been introducing a department each month in the staff newsletter.  This month we will focus on the Production team leaders who are based at Riverside House and Unit 1:

Kevin Hunt – Production Manager I joined ETI in 2014 as Production Manager for Instrumentation and I manage the Instrumentation teams responsible for producing high quality products as efficiently as possible and delivered on time to our customers.  I also ensure we have sufficient resources to achieve our growing plans.  Since joining, the company has continued to grow considerably, and Instrumentation has expanded significantly.  New assembly methods and equipment investment has also taken place to aid assembly and improve the working environment and we now have new teams located in our manufacturing facilities at unit 1.  I consider myself very fortunate to have such a great team of people working for me in Instrumentation.

Gail Downie - Assistant Manager (Riverside House) I have worked at ETI for 26½ years.  I started on one of the production lines and progressed to Assistant Manager where my role is to support Kevin Hunt (Production Manager) by assisting with the day to day running of the production lines and ensuring everyone is happy in their work.  I oversee all holiday requests and associated admin together with overtime sheets. When Kevin is on holiday, I manage both Easting Close and Unit 1.

Elaine Crichton - Team Leader (Riverside House) I have worked for ETI For just over 27 years and originally started on the evening shift.  I have been a team leader for 20 years and work alongside Kesorn Stevens, running a large team and making sure things run smoothly by fulfilling Thermoworks weekly shipments of Thermapens.

Kesorn Stevens - Team Leader (Riverside House) I have worked for ETI for just over 7 years and started as a full-time assembly worker before becoming a team leader after a year.  I work alongside Elaine Crichton, running a large team making sure thing smoothly fulfilling Thermoworks Thermapens.  I also manage the reject parts and repair some of the Instruments when necessary.

Lesley Green - Team Leader (Riverside House)  I have been at ETI for nearly 19 years, starting on the evening shift.  When the evening shift came to an end I moved onto days and became a team leader 8 years ago after being on the Thermapen team for 11 years.  I feel I am lucky to have a good, supportive hard-working team which in turn, makes my job a lot easier!

Andrew McInnes - Repair Technician (Riverside House) I started working for ETI when I was 19 fresh from college 20 years ago.  I started in production building PCBs when the components had to be placed by hand. I then moved to fault finding for a few years and then on to Service for around 6 years where I was dealing with customers and minor repairs.  I then moved back to fault finding where my main job role now is to repair and investigate faults with PCB’s that have been rejected off the production line and feed this information back to the relevant team.  I also maintain the solder extraction machines, soldering irons and make any necessary changes to production procedures.

Malgorzata Majos – Team Leader (Riverside House) I have been working for ETI for almost 4 years and for nearly 3 years, I have been one of the team leaders on the Instrumentation floor. My task is to lead and motivate the team, provide the necessary training, setting strategy and monitoring progress towards goals.

Tim walker – Team Leader (Unit 1) I have been running a production line for over 20 years and our team make a variety of different instruments including DryWells /RayTemps/Moisture Meters/pH Meters/Bluetherm/References and others.

Maria Whitehead – Team Leader (Unit 1) I joined ETI almost thirty years ago on the evening shift making the original Thermapen.  Over the years I have worked on a variety of different instruments and my current role involves prioritising workloads, organising, and training staff to meet demand, checking stock availability, and liaising with the Purchasing department to ensure deadlines are met.

Connor Phipps - Team Leader (Unit 1) I started as an apprentice about 6 years ago and have worked my way through After Sales, UKAS, Production and Repairs. Now I look after production in Unit 1, making sure all the teams have the correct kits, enough stock and all the equipment is working and maintained correctly.  I also make jig’s to help with production.  I also maintain stock levels for Unit 1 and liaise with purchasing with due dates, stock ordering and stock checks and involve the relevant departments if there are any issues.

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