Meet the Sensors team!

For the benefit of our new staff members we have been introducing a department each month in the staff newsletter.  This month we will focus on the Sensors team who are based on the ground floor at Unit S and Unit 1:

Simon Dugdale – Sensors Production Manager I have worked at ETI for just under two years, although I have been working with temperature sensors for over thirty years.  Over that time, I have worked with temperature sensors as small as 1mm for the medical industry to sensors over 30 metres long for the nuclear industry.  Today my role is to ensure that sensor production at ETI runs smoothly and to ensure the quality of the thermocouples, RTD’s and thermistors remains exceptionally high. Did you know that this year we will produce over 750,000 temperature sensors and that everyone is checked and tested before they make their way to the Instrumentation department or the warehouse.

Craig Leighton - Sensors Production Assistant Manager I have worked at ETI since 2014. I create all Works Orders for each of our assembly lines, both for orders and stock items. All orders have an assigned completion date that I liaise with our Team Leaders to obtain, as well as our welders, sub-assembly lead assemblers and kitters. Dates are then relayed onwards to departments in the company they are required for.  I create all new procedures required for probes, adaptors and welding/brazing sub-assemblies. Existing procedures require updating too. With over 900 procedures and counting, there is always plenty to be getting on with!  When Simon is on leave I manage both Sensors sites, as well as fill in for Lindsey’s purchasing duties in her absence. I also oversee all stock counting throughout the year.

Dee Coppin – Sensors Production Team Leader  I have worked for ETI for nearly 19 years, and I am the Team Leader for the Instrumentation line at Sensors Unit S. Over the years I have trained my team in making the many various probes and adaptors.  I also find the best way of making new products in bigger batches once they go into production. The probes and adaptors we produce eventually get hard-wired into instruments made by the Instrumentation Team at Riverside House and Unit 1. Recently part of my team has moved to Unit 3 which produce the fast response Thermapen probes.

Nikky Colwell – Sensors Production Team Leader I joined ETI 15 years ago and have been team leader of the thermocouple line for the past 5 years.  My role as team leader involves organising the work to meet the required dates on time, training new team members, writing procedures for new probes and special probes, as well as keeping the line running smoothly with many other little day to day tasks that keep me busy .  Also, making the probes is still a big part of my job. I am lucky to be part of a brilliant team that I can always rely on. I couldn’t do it without them.

Zsofia Vecsey – Sensors Production Team Leader  I am a team leader at unit 3 manufacturing the fast response probes. Part of my responsibility is distributing workload, organising day to day activities. I also check on our production consumables to make sure we have got enough of them on hand to keep production flowing. One of my other responsibilities is filling in transfer orders for any stock coming in or going out of our unit, and to ensure stock levels within the company are accurate.

Carol Medhurst – Sensors Production Team Leader I’ve been with ETI for 22 years as a Team leader for the PT100 and Thermistor team. My roll at ETI is to make sure all orders go out on time, that the quality is good, and my team know how to build all the different probes that we produce.

Lindsey Upfield - Sensor Production and Purchasing Assistant I have been with ETI for almost 30 years and for most of that time I have worked in Purchasing, buying components and also bought in items. I began buying components for the making of instruments and probes as the company grew in size.  I have worked in Sensors, buying all the parts used in the building of probes and adaptors for instruments for around 25 years. I organise the running of “Special” probes made to customers specifications.  I also assist in production and Goods In, checking deliveries, raising works orders, transferring completed items to all other departments throughout the Company, assisting with regular stock-takes and helping out on the QA test bench.

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