Meet the Warehouse team!

For the benefit of our new staff members we have been introducing a department each month in the staff newsletter.  This month we will focus on the Warehouse team who are based on the ground floor at Riverside House, Easting Close:

Zane Coates – Warehouse Manager I have worked at ETI for 26 years, starting in the Sensors department making probes before moving into Despatch and Goods In. As the business grew, I changed my role to Quality Assistant and Health and Safety Officer before taking back responsibility of Despatch and Goods In and managing the two departments that is now the Warehouse. Today I oversee the Warehouse which is Despatch and Goods In, that basically receives finished goods from many different suppliers around the country and the world, as well as ETI manufactured products from our Production teams. We stock and then distribute these products throughout the world.

Joe Heath – Despatch Supervisor I have been the Despatch Supervisor for 10 years but have worked in Despatch for 15 years in total. My Job involves organising and providing the Despatch team with daily tasks and updating and monitoring stock levels for orders before being sent out. One of my favourite things about my job is working with lots of other departments within ETI. I always say we are all part of the ‘ETI team’ and we always get the job done by working together and good communication.

Kristina Arstikiene – Despatch Assistant  I pick and pack for UK and Exports orders.

Colin Mackenzie – Despatch Assistant I pack and prepare orders before shipping to customers in Europe and Rest of The World. These shipments are usually sent via UPS, FedEx or TNT, but often I email the customer directly with the shipment details for them to arrange collection and delivery themselves.

Graeme Briant – Despatch Assistant  I’m a relative newcomer at ETI having joined in January this year. In the short space of time I’ve worked for the company I’ve found the staff so friendly and helpful and this has really helped me to fit in. I work as an assistant in the despatch department. This is a very busy area of the company and I pick, pack and ship products not only to the UK but also to various countries around the world. I thoroughly enjoy my job and being part of a great team.

Gillian Hampson – Despatch Assistant My duties in Despatch include picking, checking, packing and shipping orders and making sure that our customers receive the right goods.

Kerry Weare – Despatch Assistant My role within the despatch department is to check each product matches the customer order ensuring all items are correct before packing the goods. I take great care when packing each item to make sure it arrives safely to the customer on the day they have requested.

Victor Basescu – Despatch Assistant I've been working at ETI for almost 3 years in the Despatch Department. My work at the moment involves receiving, packing and despatching products for the ThermoWorks in the US. I was lucky enough to be selected as "employer of the year" 2 years in a row. This would have not been possible without the trust and help of my colleagues and my managers who put their trust in me.

Ella Withey – Despatch Assistant I enjoy working in Despatch and my role involves picking and packing orders for Amazon and also some UK orders.

Sarah Cheeseman – Despatch Assistant I have worked for ETI for the last 16 years. I started in Goods In and then worked in the Accounts department for the last 14 years before moving to the Despatch four months ago. I am responsible for processing all invoices for overseas shipments. I print out the picking tickets and ensure that the correct stock is allocated to customers’ orders. The picking ticket dictates the stock available which I then pick from the warehouse and push through to Despatch to pack and ship.

John O’Dell – Despatch Assistant I have been with ETI for 22 years. I started with Sensors and then went to help out in Despatch and have been there ever since. I have undertaken multiple roles withing the department including Goods In, Packing orders, setting up exhibitions, forklift driving, helping the Service Department and finaling Service orders. I am currently picking, checking and fulfilling orders prior to Despatch by other members of the team.

Paul Wells – Goods In Supervisor I have been with ETI for 10 years and oversee the day to day running of the Goods In department.

Scott Oliver – Goods In Assistant I started working for ETI 8 years ago, initially in Despatch then moving to Good In 4 years later. I undertake daily quality checking on the instruments we buy in and I also oversee stock movements between Goods In and other departments within the company and maintain accurate stock levels within the Goods In Department.

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