Meet the Calibration team!

For the benefit of our new staff members we have been introducing a department each month in the staff newsletter.  This month we will focus on the Calibration team who are based on the ground floor at Unit 1, Dominion Way:

Greg Hills - UKAS Laboratory Manager I’ve been at ETI for 15 years, having worked in Calibration for 11 years.  My role in the Calibration Laboratory is that of Laboratory Manager, although I am also in charge of maintaining the laboratory’s quality system (ISO 17025), which runs separately from the ETI quality system (ISO 9001).  My roles consist of the day-to-day running of the laboratory, planning and scheduling work received and ensuring all work is carried out to the high standards expected regarding UKAS calibration. I also work alongside the UKAS Technical Manager to develop new methods and validate the effectiveness of our current methods.  Other aspects of my role include ensuring the laboratory Quality System matches the requirements necessary for a UKAS accredited laboratory, with particular reference to ISO 17025.  Updating all relevant documentation and interpreting it within the use of our laboratory and ensuring the laboratory audit plan is carried out by working alongside the Quality department.

Sean Wells – UKAS Technical Manager I’ve been working at ETI for 6 years and have progressed from Lab technician to Technical manager. We’re a small team here in the Laboratory however, our roles are very important.  Mine is to develop and maintain our technical requirement in order to maintain our accreditation to UKAS’ standards.  To put it in simple terms, I work with  spreadsheets and expensive equipment to develop and ensure our capabilities of measures do what we say on the tin! I like to challenge the ETI’s UKAS capability and I’m well known for asking difficult questions of the Laboratory and QA manager when continuously trying better the UKAS labs processes and services.

Spencer Saunders – UKAS Laboratory Technician  I have been at ETI for just over 5 years.  I work in the UKAS laboratory as a technician testing Equipment and issuing certificates.. I am also a UKAS signatory in all areas and am currently training as Deputy Quality Manager.

Pete King – UKAS Laboratory Technician I enjoy being part of the UKAS team and joined ETI 3 years ago in April 2018.  My work in the UKAS lab involves calibration of drywells, test caps, infrared thermometers, thermometers, indicators, re-calibration of repair work and specification checks across the entire range of ETI products.  I’m also involved in the calibration of non-ETI equipment and instruments. This means there is a wide variety of work, which I enjoy. I’m also an ETI first aider.

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