Meet the Purchasing team!

Since COVID-19 restrictions have been enforced, it’s become difficult to carry out the usual inductions for new employees which included a tour of each site and general introductions.  As part of our staff newsletters and for the benefit of new employees, we thought it might be nice to introduce a department each month together with a brief overview of the role of each employee.  This month we will focus on the Purchasing Department who are based on the first floor of Easting Close:

Richard Cheeseman (Purchasing Manager)I have worked at ETI for the last 25 years, starting in Despatch and then moving to Purchasing where I was promoted to Purchasing Manager.  I am responsible for overseeing the Purchasing team, approving the acquisition of goods and services and making sure we receive the most competitive prices where possible.  I work with the rest of the Purchasing team on supply planning to ensure that stocks are maintained in order to facilitate a continuous supply to Production and Sales.  The Purchasing team and myself work alongside R & D on new projects and existing products to ensure that we are able to plan for new releases.  I am continually analysing and producing data reports in order to review stock/costings and I evaluate all sales pricing on an annual basis.    

I’ve spent the last 18 months working within IT working on data cleansing following the switch from our old computer system to NetSuite.  I am working through system data so that we can simplify the way we work in the future, in an attempt to eliminate human error.

Marc Albrecht (Purchasing Coordinator)I have been working in Purchasing for just over 5 and a half years. I primarily work on the instrumentation side of purchasing and my main responsibilities include analysing monthly sales figures and stock levels and transmitting the information into spreadsheet form. From there, I can work out when parts are required, and orders can be placed. Other responsibilities include booking in stock on NetSuite, invoicing of the orders, arranging stock transfers to other ETI buildings and sub-contractors. On a daily basis, I liaise with our suppliers to expedite or push out deliveries when required.

Debbie Bulled (Purchasing Coordinator) I have worked at ETI just over 23 years, starting in Instrumentation then moving into Despatch. I have worked in purchasing for a little over 5 and a half years. My duties include monitoring stock levels and placing orders with our international suppliers.  I am tasked with researching new suppliers and obtaining competitive quotes and pricing for all new products.

My role also includes working closely with freight forwarders and I relay information on to them as to how we would like our goods imported, either by sea or air.  Any delays are communicated to our sales department so they can inform their customers.  I make sure all international invoices are correctly recorded and this information is then passed to Accounts on a weekly basis which ensures our suppliers are paid on time and any delays in shipping our goods are avoided.  In addition to this, I liaise with the maintenance team to ensure they have what they need in respect of building materials and cleaning supplies and I oversee the payment of subsequent invoices

Magdalena Wojtylak (Purchasing Coordinator) I have been working for ETI for the last 9 years.  Firstly as a general assembler then as a team leader and eventually, after 4 years I moved to the purchasing role which I am currently in.  As a purchasing coordinator I am responsible for liaising and negotiating with our suppliers and maintaining a good working relationship with them.  I analyse stock levels, place and manage new orders which consists of checking pricing, delivery dates, booking goods in and finally invoicing and filing the associated paperwork.   I conduct research on potential products, suppliers and compare price and quality to ensure we receive the best deal and work closely with the warehouse team to ensure goods are received on time.  I cooperate with other departments like marketing, quality and sales in order to support them in delivering the best service to our customers. 

Paula Wakes (Purchasing Coordinator) I’ve worked within the purchasing department for the past 20 years and I’m responsible for analysing stock levels and planning of orders to ensure a consistent and adequate supply of component parts. My role includes liaising with suppliers on a daily basis, monitoring of stock maintenance on NetSuite/Excel spread sheets and to organise, support and train purchasing personnel in their duties.

Leah Marchant (Purchasing Coordinator) Starting in a temporary position within Instrumentation, I have operated on a few lines within production, either as an operator, second or team leader.  I am now working in the purchasing department, I am cross trained amongst both purchasing offices.

A few of my key responsibilities which are performed on either a daily basis or every other day consist of the booking in of deliveries, configuring of locations on NetSuite, the data unloading for the priority probe report (Sensors), unreceived Transfer Order chasing on NetSuite, assuring items and products have been positioned in correct bins on NetSuite, weekly stock checks within the instrumentation stores area, invoices for both offices and various stock adjustments/ price updates on products. With the addition of the occasional BOM (Build of Materials) and different item codes to create on NetSuite with the interacting of various departments.  I am also the First Aider for Easting close so please do not hesitate to ask for a plaster.

Stephanie Coles (Purchasing Coordinator) I have been working at ETI for 5 years.  I started off in the Sales office and moved on to Purchasing just over 2 years ago. I am responsible for liaising between departments to provide accurate production lead times, and communicating between various colleagues when components are out of stock so they can be ordered in/manufactured by other departments.  I also analyse stock levels and raise relevant kits for production to manufacture into finished products using the NetSuite Re-order report. On a daily basis I am also responsible for raising and analysing daily stock checks for production stores.

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