Using and caring for your thermometer probe

Temperature probes are precision measurement devices.  At the probe tip there is an electronic sensor connected by wires running through the probe tube.  With proper care, this probe will last a long time, providing accurate measurements.

Avoid damage:

  • The probe is designed for liquids and semi-solid foods
  • Do not 'stab' food, careful insertion will penetrate most food
  • Avoid striking bones with the probe tip
  • The probe shaft and tip should not be bent
  • Do not lift heavy food items with the probe tip
  • Do not use the probe as an ice pick
  • For frozen foods place the probe tip between two frozen packs or use a drill to make a hole in the food before placing the probe tip in the hole. Do not create a hole with the probe tip
  • Do not use the probe to pry or puncture non-food items
  • Do not expose the probe tip to flames or temperatures beyond the probe temperature limit
  • Do not expose the handle to high temperatures
  • Do not coil the cable tightly around the handle
  • Avoid excess heat that may melt the cable
  • Avoid excess strain, crimping or stretching of the cable
  • Do not lift the instrument by the probe or cable
  • Keep the lead connector and instrument clean and dry
  • When plugging the probe into the unit, avoid bending pins
  • Do not immerse the probe handle in any liquid (except waterproof probes)
  • Damage is not covered by the probe warranty


  • Use probe wipes to clean the probe after each food measurement to avoid cross-contamination, wiping both the handle and cable
  • Other food-safe cleaning solutions may be used with paper towels in place of probe wipes

Accurate use:

  • For hot foods, find the coldest part of the food by placing the probe tip at the thickest part of the food
  • For cold foods, find the warmest part of the food
  • For accurate measurements avoid the sides of any container

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