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ETI design and produce PC software and mobile apps suitable for Windows, Android and iOS, which are designed to work with our range of data loggers and Bluetooth thermometers. These Apps are free-to- download and can be found below - clicking the image or Software name will take you to the direct download link:

For Apps Terms & Conditions please click here

ThermaData Studio

Available for Windows 7 & above, ThermaData Studio is both powerful and sophisticated, yet user-friendly enabling temperature data to be organised and analysed to provide management information.

Applicable Products: ThermaData Loggers, ThermaData WiFi, Stainless Pro, ThermaData Lite, Bluetooth LE instruments

TD Link

With our view-only app, TD Link allows you to view the status of all of your ThermaData WiFi thermometers, whilst also being notified if there is a problem with any instrument, or if any sensor reading has breached your preset alarm limits.

Applicable Products: ThermaData WiFi


Record and monitor temperatures as part of a HACCP compliance easily and quickly with our HACCP LE mobile app. Downloadable on Android and iOS, our app allows you to create and export checklists straight from your mobile phone.

Applicable Products: Bluetooth LE instruments

ThermaQ App

Monitoring multiple temperatures remotely just got easier with our ThermaQ app available on both iOS and Android. Our app is an invaluable tool for all applications from scientific laboratories, to Sunday afternoon BBQs.

Applicable Products: Bluetooth LE instruments (excluding DishTemp Blue)

Saf-T-Log Software

Measure, store, download and print HACCP reports with your Saf-T-Log through our Windows software. No more paper logs, everything is digitally stored as a .pdf report on your PC.

Applicable Products: Saf-T-Log

ThermaData WiFi Firmware Update v.

Ensure your ThermaData WiFi is up-to-date with our latest firmware update.

Applicable Products: ThermaData WiFi instruments with serial numbers before D19350562

Stainless Steel Pro Firmware Update v.1.4.0

Ensure your Stainless Steel Pro is up-to-date with our latest firmware update.

Applicable Products: Stainless Steel Pro instruments

ThermaData® Studio Software:

ThermaData Studio v5.1.4 (Main Desktop Download for Windows 7,8 & 10)

New release adds:

  • Includes new Active Instruments view, with easier management of wireless Instruments
  • Support for Stainless Steel Pro instruments
  • Support for DishTemp Blue
  • Enhanced ThermaData WiFi support
  • TD Link for iOS and Android support 
  • ThermaData WiFi features for Offline Local-area Network Monitoring
  • Removed ThermaData Alerts (replaced with TD Link)
  • Bug fixes etc. 

Windows Installation Instructions:
1) Select the 'setup.exe' file and run through the setup wizard by clicking 'Next'
2) Once the installation has complete, select the ThermaData Studio icon on your desktop
3) A splash screen will open along with a window requesting you select the instruments that you would like to enable. Untick all the instruments you do not have, leaving only the instruments you have purchased ticked. Click 'Ok' to proceed
4) ) Once this has been completed ThermaData Studio will open ready for you to use.

Both powerful and sophisticated, yet user-friendly, the ThermaData Studio software enables temperature data to be organised and analysed to provide management information.

The ThermaData Studio software has the ability to display up to 32 traces on a graph, the trace colours are user selectable. All files can be viewed as thumbnail icons for easy identification.

The software allows the user to programme the logging sample/interval rate (0.1 to 330 minutes), communication interval (sync) with PC, real-time clock, °C or °F and a manual start option. It is also possible to include a user ID for each logger.

The ThermaData Studio software is supplied as a FREE download. Please note: when initially ordering non WiFi loggers, it is necessary to order at least one suitable communications cable.

ThermaData WiFi loggers Use the unique ID of each logger to create a secure connection between the logger and ThermaData Studio software, that can be accessed and viewed anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. Each logger communicates directly to the WiFi router at set intervals to push data through the internet into ThermaData Studio. The information is available to be analysed and exported into a report format.

For a walk-through guide to setting up ThermaData WiFi loggers please click here.

If you require any information on how to use ThermaData Studio, please click here to download our help guide, or please click on the blue ‘?’ icon in the top right corner of ThermaData Studio.

Alternatively, contact us on 01903 202151 or email Quick start guides for each of our data loggers can be download from their relevant website page.


ThermaData® WiFi Firmware Update v1.2.4.0:

ThermaData WiFi Firmware (Latest) For all instruments before D19350562 (Click link to download) 

This includes version 1.2.4 of the firmware which:

  • Improves connectivity to many WiFi networks
  • Adds ability to connect to WiFi channels 12 & 13
  • Fixes a number of identified lock-up scenarios


Stainless Steel Pro Firmware Update version 1.4.0

To download click here. This includes version 1.4.0 of the firmware which corrects an issue with PDF generation at high temperatures in °F 

TD Link

TDLink App By signing in to the TD Link app, you can view the status of all the ThermaData wireless thermometer units associated with ThermaData Studio, wherever the internet is available.

You can view the current readings, settings and reference information of all your thermometers. Warning indicators will appear if there is a problem with any instrument, or if any sensor reading has reached the alarm levels set in ThermaData Studio.

For each thermometer, you can opt to receive push notifications when an alarm condition has been detected.

TD Link is a view-only app, that cannot be used to alter instrument settings.


ThermaQ App

ThermaQ® App for Temperature Monitoring

Multiple temperature monitoring app for ETI Ltd’s Bluetooth LE & WiFi Thermometers. The ETI Ltd ThermaQ App allows you to monitor multiple temperatures remotely when used with:

  • BlueTherm® One LE Thermometer
  • ThermaQ® Blue Thermometer
  • ThermaQ® WiFi Thermometer

Developed in-house by Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd. the ThermaQ App has been designed from the ground up to provide seamless integration between your ETI Bluetooth thermometer/WiFi thermometer and smartphone or tablet.

The ThermaQ App from ETI allows you to monitor multiple temperatures remotely when used with either the ETI Ltd BlueTherm® One, ThermaQ® Blue Low Energy (LE) thermocouple thermometers or ThermaQ WiFi thermocouple thermometer.

The ETI ThermaQ wireless temperature monitoring app is an invaluable tool in allowing you to monitor multiple temperatures simultaneously in industrial, scientific, food, cooking, sous vide and barbecue (BBQ) processes, turning your smartphone or tablet into a remote temperature measurement data hub.

The ThermaQ app makes the cooking processes easy to replicate time after time with its user friendly temperature monitoring functions. No matter if it’s a large pork shoulder on the BBQ / Smoker or a Sunday Roast in a conventional kitchen oven, you’re able to easily and quickly set a target temperature and ensure it's perfectly cooked – every time.

The ThermaQ App can read multiple temperatures and provides simple-to-set high and low alarms. The App includes programmable alerts and notifications to prompt changes and also log data from any probes to a graph. For further analysis the 'ThermaQ App' can export saved data as an Excel (.csv) file.

Key Features:

  • monitors/records thermocouple probe data via smartphone or tablet
  • customisable temperature recording intervals
  • graph output allows monitoring of temperature trends
  • saves graphs and shares data via CSV file export (.csv) to Excel etc.
  • programmable high & low alarm points for each temperature sensor
  • can monitor up to 4 thermometers (8 temperature sensors) simultaneously
  • Bluetooth range up to 50 metres depending on mobile device used
  • range up to 50 metres depending on mobile device used
  • ThermaQ WiFi thermometers use WiFi to access an internet connection so that
    temperatures can be monitored anywhere internet is available

App Requirements:

  • ETI BlueTherm® One (1-channel), ThermaQ® Blue (2-channel) thermocouple thermometer
    or ThermaQ® WiFi (2-channel) thermocouple thermometer.
  • Requires Android version 4.4 (KitKat - level 19) or later
  • Requires Bluetooth 4 or above for BlueTherm One/ThermaQ Blue thermometers
  • Requires WiFi and internet connection for ThermaQ WiFi thermometers


ThermaQ App



HACCP LE from ETI is designed to allow iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads to be used in conjunction with your ETI Bluetooth Thermometer for an easy-to-use, complete HACCP system.

Create custom lists for Users, Checklists, and Items within the app. Assign high and low temperature settings for each item, store temperature readings and Yes/No questions with the touch of a button.

You can also add User Notes and Corrective Actions where needed and then export your reports by email or save into your cloud connected apps.

For further info and help file for the ETI HACCP LE App please click here

Key Features:

  • Create lists of Users
  • Labels for Items
  • High and low temperatures for each Item being measured
  • Yes/No Questions
  • Notes and Corrective Actions that users can attach to specific readings
  • User Alerts let you know when an Item is outside of customized parameters
  • Email/Export a Report PDF

App Requirements:

  • ETI Thermapen Blue Thermometer or BlueTherm® One (1-channel)
  • Android version 4.4 (KitKat - level 19) or later
  • iOS 9.3 and above for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
  • Bluetooth 4 or above

Developed in-house by Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd. the HACCP LE App has been designed from the ground up to provide seamless integration between your ETI Bluetooth thermometer and smartphone or tablet.



Saf-T-Log® Software v3.0.4.0:

Saf-T-Log Software(Latest) (Click link to download)

Latest update for customers who had an issue where their region/locale settings in Windows has a ‘,’ as a decimal point (vs the ‘.’ in the UK/US). For those customers who have 3.0.3 working successfully, there is no need for them to upgrade to 3.0.4. Update your existing instruments by updating to this version of software and using the new firmware below. Improvements include:

Holds up to 7 checklists

Each checklist will have up to 250 items

Non temperature related Yes/No questions

Time delay on taking log

10 temperature related corrective actions

10 non temperature related corrective actions.

Saf-T-Log firmware upgrade v3.5.0

Saf-T-Log firmware upgrade instructions


Team Viewer Support:

Download ETI Team Viewer Support (Click link to download)


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