A collection of ETI Press releases covering new products and developments.

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February 2018 NEW Thermapen IR infrared thermometer (.docx) image download

February 2018 NEW RayTemp 2 Plus infrared thermometer (.docx) image download

May 2017 ThermaData WiFi Loggers (.docx) image download

November 2016 8000 pH meter for Milk & Dairy (.docx) image download

November 2016 UKAS Calibration Laboratory (.docx) image download

October 2016 Room Comfort Thermometer (.docx) image download

October 2016 Cook the Perfect Festive Turkey (.docx) image download image download

July 2016 Legionnaires' Thermometer Kit (.docx) image download

May 2016 HortiStick Nutrient Tester (.docx) image download image download

May 2016 RayTemp 2 infrared thermometer (.docx) image download image download

May 2016 Sous Vide Thermometer Kit (.docx) image download

April 2016 DishTemp Dishwasher Thermometer (.docx) image download image download

March 2016 TimeStick Sport (.docx)

March 2016 DOT Digital Oven Thermometer (.docx) image download

February 2016 7000 Series Moisture Meters (.docx) image download (7000) image download (7250)

February 2016 Therma 1T thermometer (.docx) image download

November 2015 Comfort Thermometer (.docx) image download

November 2015 Budget Differential Thermometer Kit (.docx) image download

September 2015 SuperFast Thermapen 4 Thermometer (.docx) image download

July 2015 BlueTherm IR probe (.docx) image download

May 2015 RayTemp 6 Infrared Thermometer (.docx) image download image download

April 2015 ThermaQ two channel Thermometer (.docx) image download

November 2014 Food Check colours (.docx) image download

October 2014 Christmas Turkey (.docx) image download

September 2014 TempTest 2 thermometer (.docx) image download

September 2014 Budget HVAC Kit (.docx) image download

August 2014 IR-Pocket thermometer (.docx) image download

May 2014 8100 pH meter (.docx) image download

May 2014 Max/Min thermometer (.docx) image download

May 2014 ThermoPop thermometer (.docx) image download

March 2014 Aquarium thermometer (.docx) image download image download

February 2014 ChefAlarm cooking thermometer and timer (.docx) image download

February 2014 7000 moisture meter (.docx) image download image download

January 2014 TempTest 1 rotating thermometer (.docx) image download

January 2014 Electronic greenhouse thermometer (.docx) image download

August 2013 Thermapen - Air Probe (.docx) image download

August 2013 8100 Plus pH meter - Sushi (.docx) image download

June 2013 BlueTherm Duo (.docx) image download

June 2013 Thermamite (.docx) image download

April 2013 Therma 20 Plus (.docx) image download

April 2013 810-120 Max/Min Digital (.docx) image download

March 2013 Thermapen Air Probe (.docx) image download

March 2013 Thermapen - Making Life Easier for Chefs (.doc) image download

February 2013 Gourmet Thermometer (.docx) image download

February 2013 Healthy Living Therma Hygrometer (.docx) image download

January 2013 Mini Raytemp Infrared (.docx) image download

November 2012 Saf-T-Log thermometer (.docx) image download





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