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Customising Your Thermapen

You can personalize your Thermapen™ by changing the factory default settings, including:

  • Changing the display units from °C to °F
  • Changing the display resolution from 0.1° to 1°
  • Disabling the auto-off feature


To make any of these changes, open the battery compartment (see How to Change the Batteries) and, using the tip of a bent paper clip, flip the appropriate switch:


Switch 1: Display Units

The factory setting for your Thermapen display is for °C. To display °F, move the switch numbered '1' to the "on" position—towards the batteries.

Thermapen Switches

Switch 2: Resolution

The factory setting for your Thermapen display is to show temperatures at tenths of a degree (0.1°) for both °F and °C. To change to whole numbers (1°), move the switch numbered '2' away from the batteries.


Switch 3: Disable Auto-off*

The factory setting for your Thermapen is with the auto-off feature enabled. This means your Thermapen will turn itself off ten minutes after you extend the probe and turn it on, to preserve battery life. Once off, you will have to close the probe and extend it again to turn the Thermapen back on. To disable this auto-off feature while taking lengthy readings, move the switch numbered "3" to the 'on' position—away from the batteries.


Switch 4: Trim Adjust

This feature allows you to set an offset that will automatically add or subtract a number of degrees from your Thermapen readings. It should NOT be needed for normal use.

* Remember, with auto-off disabled, your Thermapen will stay on and continue using battery power if you forget to close the probe.