Why Use an Infrared Thermometer?

Infrared thermometers are ideal for taking surface temperature measurements from a distance. They provide relatively accurate temperatures without ever having to touch the object you're measuring.


This is can be useful when it's impractical to insert a probe into the item being measured, or if the surface is just out of reach and a surface probe will not do the job. You might use an infrared thermometer to measure objects that are:


Fragile (computer circuitry)
Dangerous (gears, molten metal)
Impenetrable (frozen foods)

Liable to contamination (foods, saline solution)
Moving (conveyor belt, living organisms)
Out of reach (air conditioning ducts, ear drums)


Infrared thermometers are great for checking surface temperature, however they are not a good choice for measuring the internal temperature of an object.


Infrared thermometers are very fast, typically giving a reading in a fraction of a second, or the time it takes for the thermometer's processor to perform its calculations. Their speed and relative ease of use have made infrared thermometers invaluable public safety tools in the food service industry, manufacturing, HVAC, asphalt & concrete, labs and countless other industrial applications.

  • RayTemp 2 high accuracy Infrared Thermometer

    RayTemp 2 Infrared Thermometer high accuracy ±1 °C over 0 to 100 °CFREE traceable certificate of calibration meets the European Standard EN 13485 displays ambient temperature records the max/min temperatures designed & built in Britain

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    RayTemp 3 Infrared Thermometer - ideal for the foodservice industry±1 °C accuracy over the critical food range circular laser for precise targeting compact, lightweight & easy to use temperature range -60 to 500°C

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    RayTemp 8 Infrared Thermometer with integral type K thermocouple sockettemperature range IR -60 to 500 °C, probe -64 to 1370 °C includes differential & average temperatures two-in-one thermometer target ratio 12:1 sold exclusive of probe

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  • RayTemp 38 infrared thermometer for...

    RayTemp® 38 infrared non-contact thermometer for measuring small surface areas at greater distancesauto-power off & backlight functions wide temperature range -59.9 to 999.9°C robust housing for durability target distance/diameter ratio of 50:1 RayTemp® 38 is sold excluding probe

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