IR-500 Black Body Calibrator

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IR-500 Black Body Calibrator

  • Ideal for checking the accuracy of infrared thermometers
  • Wide temperature range +50 to 500 °C
  • Free traceable calibration certificate

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Product code: 822-400

The IR-500 Black Body Calibrator is a stable heat source for checking the calibration of infrared digital thermometers that require regular temperature calibration checks or validation. The unit features an easy to read LED display, and controls the black body surface temperature over the range of 50 to 500 °C. It reaches an upper temperature of 500 °C in about 40 minutes.

Simply set the verification temperature on the digital display of the IR-500 Calibrator, allow time to stabilise and then point your infrared thermometer at the Ø58 mm black body. Compare the temperature readings on the IR-500 Calibrator display and the infrared thermometer under test, and the difference is
the error. The isothermal Ø58 mm black body target is manufactured to an emissivity of approximately 0.95, which is ideal for most industrial infrared thermometers.

For increased accuracy checks, use a Reference thermometer, insert the fixed Ø3.3 mm precision PT100 probe into the pre drilled calibration well.

The IR-500 is supplied with a Free 5-point traceable calibration certificate at the following points 50°C, 100°C, 200°C, 300°C, 400°C and 500°C.

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Data sheet

Range:50 to 500 °C
Resolution:0.1 °C/°F
Accuracy:±1 °C below 100 °C±2 °C from 100 to 200 °C±3 °C from 200 to 500 °C* Better than±0.5 °C if used in conjunction with a Reference Thermometer
Target Size:Ø58 mm
Cooling Time:30 minutes max to 100 °C
Heating Time:40 minutes to max
Power Source:110 volt AC, 3A or 230 volt AC (±10%), 1.5A
Dimensions:114 x 180 x 233 mm
Weight:2682 grams
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822-400 C of C

Certificate of Conformity for 822-400 IR-500 Black Body Calibrator

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Operating instructions for 822-400 IR-500 Black Body Calibrator

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