9202 Manometer Differential Pressure Meter

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9202 Manometer for indicating differential pressure 

  • Robust water resistant case offering IP65 protection
  • High accuracy, performance & repeatability
  • Zeroing function
  • 11 selectable units of measurement
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Max/Min and average readings can be recorded

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3 Point - Traceable Manometer Certificate

3 Point - Traceable Manometer Certificate

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Product code: 825-902
Made in UK BRCGS

The new 9202 digital manometer allows the user to measure positive and negative differential pressure over the range of -137.9 to 137.9 mbar with a resolution of 0.1 mbar and features over pressure protection to at least twice the measuring capacity.

These easy to use manometers are ideal for plumbers and gas engineers to measure domestic gas pressures and low pressure, non-corrosive air or gases in HVAC applications. The units can be used to measure air pressure in ductwork or pressure drops across filters to determine performance.

The 9202 manometer features a custom, LCD display with P1, P2, diff, hold, open circuit, low battery indication and a user selectable backlight. The unit incorporates an auto-power off facility that automatically turns the instrument off after approximately 25 minutes, maximising battery life. The 9202 pressure meter automatically compensates for changes in temperature.

Maximum, minimum and average measurements can be recorded by pressing the record button.

Each unit is housed in a durable, ABS case that has an integrated rubber seal to ensure complete water tightness and help reduce the possibility of damage in harsh environments. Supplied complete with batteries, operation manual and two 500 mm long x 6 mm ID connection hoses.

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Optional accessories:
protective black silicone boot c/w foot stand and magnet for mounting on pipes, metallic surfaces (830-258). Stainless steel wall bracket - screws not supplied (832-015)

Product Details

Data sheet

Range & Resolution -PSI:range: ±2, resolution: 0.01
Range & Resolution - In H2O:range: ±55.36, resolution: 0.01
Range & Resolution - mbar:range: ±137.9, resolution: 0.1
Range & Resolution - kPa:range: ±13.79, resolution: 0.01
Range & Resolution - inHg:range: ±4.07, resolution: 0.001
Range & Resolution - mmHg:range: ±103.4, resolution: 0.1
Range & Resolution - ozin2:range: ±32.00, resolution: 0.01
Range & Resolution - ftH2O:range: ±4.613, resolution: 0.001
Range & Resolution - cmH2O:range: ±140.6, resolution: 0.1
Range & Resolution - kgcm2:range: ±0.1406, resolution: 0.001
Range & Resolution - bar:range: ±0.1379, resolution: 0.001
Accuracy:±0.5%FS or Better (25°C)
Repeatability:±0.2 % (Max. 0.5 %FS)
Battery:3 x 1.5 volt AAA
Battery Life:100 hours
Display: custom LCD
Dimensions:32 x 71 x 141 mm
Weight:185 grams
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825-902 C of C

9202 Certificate of Conformity

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