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Digital Pocket Thermometer Guide

Pocket digital thermometers are designed to suit variety of applications, where a small, mobile and flexible temperature monitoring solution is required.

The defining feature of a pocket digital thermometer, is that the sensor or probe is attached directly to the body of the device. Pocket thermometers are available in two main types, folding probe thermometers and pen style, rigid fixed probe thermometers, both of which are easy to use and accurate. All of our pen style pocket thermometers come with a sturdy probe cover to protect the probe of the thermometer from bacteria and damage.

Pen Style Pocket Thermometers
Digital pocket thermometers like the Super-Fast Mini Thermometer have a slim, compact case and a safety cover with pocket clip, that fits over the probe when not in use.

Folding Probe Pocket Thermometers
With folding probe pocket thermometers, like the Gourmet thermometer, the probe itself can be extended from the instrument at a comfortable angle for use, then clipped against the main body of the thermometer for safe storage and transport.

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