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air or gas wire NTC temperature probe



brand: ETI


Fast response air or gas temperature probe.

  • ideal for fridges, freezers etc.
  • response time less than 1 second.
  • probe temperature range -40 to 150°C
  • accuracy ±0.4 °C between -20 & 100 °C
  • Ø3.7 x 30mm with 1m FEP lead

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This fast response, air or gas wire NTC temperature probe is ideal for measuring the air temperatures in fridges, freezers, chill cabinets and similar applications within food related industries. This probe has a response time of less than one second and a temperature range of -40 to 150°C. The probe's dimensions are Ø3.7 x 30mm, with a one metre FEP lead. Suitable for use with the Therma 20, 22, Therma 20 Plus, 22 Plus & 8100 Plus.

probe accuracy: ±0.4 °C between -20 & 100 °C
probe range: -40 to 150°C
probe response time: less than 1 second
probe diameter: 3.7 mm
probe length: 30 mm with 1000 mm FEP lead

170-372 C of C

170-372 certificate of conformity

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