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Using Infrared Thermometer Laser Guides

Some infrared thermometers come use a laser to help gauge the size, or location, of the area being measured. Because the location of the lasers, relative to the area being measured, can vary by unit, it might take a little extra training before they can be used effectively.


Infrared thermometers with laser guides can mostly be divided into two groups: those with single lasers and those with multiple (two or more) lasers.


Single laser units can be particularly helpful when taking measurements from far away. They assist with aim, and control, more precisely, the location being measured. However, depending on the infrared thermometer, the laser may indicate the top, center, middle or sides of the circle of surface area being measured.


It's also possible that the position of the laser point, relative to the circle of measurement, will change depending on the distance from the target - this is referred to as optical range. Consult the user guide for more information about laser placement and optical range.


Infrared thermometers with multiple lasers typically offer a better indication of the diameter of the circle of surface being measured. Even infrared thermometers with very small spot sizes and low DTRs are able to use multiple lasers to great effect.


Check the user guide for information about the effect optical range has on the performance of the laser indicators. Indicators can frequently cross each other and be affected when specified distances from the IR gun are reached.

  • order code: 814-080

    Mini RayTemp infrared thermometer for routine day-to-day temperature checkingcompact, lightweight & easy to use temperature range -50 to 330°C laser dot alignment target ratio 12:1

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    £30.00   inc VAT

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  • order code: 814-040

    RayTemp 3 Infrared Thermometer - ideal for the foodservice industry±1 °C accuracy over the critical food range circular laser for precise targeting compact, lightweight & easy to use temperature range -60 to 500°C

    £60.00 ex VAT
    £72.00   inc VAT

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  • order code: 814-075

    RayTemp 6 Infrared Thermometer with circular laser for precise targetingmax/min, display hold & backlight functions adjustable emissivity for multi-surface temperature range -60 to 550 °C robust IP54 splashproof casing

    £62.50 ex VAT
    £75.00   inc VAT

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  • order code: 814-045

    RayTemp 8 Infrared Thermometer with integral type K thermocouple sockettemperature range IR -60 to 500 °C, probe -64 to 1370 °C includes differential & average temperatures two-in-one thermometer target ratio 12:1 sold exclusive of probe

    £65.00 ex VAT
    £78.00   inc VAT

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  • order code: 814-028

    RayTemp® 28 High Temperature Infrared Thermometerauto-power off, display hold & backlight functions wide temperature range -50 to 1370 °C robust IP54 housing for durability dual laser for precise targeting external type K probes extra

    £130.00 ex VAT
    £156.00   inc VAT

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  • order code: 814-038

    RayTemp® 38 infrared non-contact thermometer for measuring small surface areas at greater distancesauto-power off & backlight functions wide temperature range -59.9 to 999.9°C robust housing for durability target distance/diameter ratio of 50:1 RayTemp® 38 is sold excluding probe

    £185.00 ex VAT
    £222.00   inc VAT

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  • order code: 860-845

    RayTemp 8 thermometer kittwo thermometers in one includes differential & average temperatures target ratio 12:1 pocket-sized & simple to use range IR -60 to 500°C range  probe -64 to 1370°C

    £90.00 ex VAT
    £108.00   inc VAT

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