Smokehouse penetration probe - stainless armoured or braided lead

brand: ETI


Smokehouse armoured penetration probe.

  • perfect for smoking/grilling meats.
  • 78" cable length
  • Ø 4.06 x 203.2 mm probe 
  • maximum probe temperature 350°C
  • accuracy (type K) ±0.5°C, 0°C to 100°C
  • accuracy (type T) to BS EN 60584-1:2013

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High Accuracy type K

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The Penetration probe used by commercial smokehouses, and a good choice for deep frying turkeys. The 78" cable is covered by a flexible stainless steel armor and has a wider temperature range. It will survive longer than other probes when stepped on, manhandled, kinked, slammed in doors or exposed to the higher temperatures of outdoor grills.


It should be protected from direct exposure to flames and should not be immersed past the stainless probe section. The armor is not easily closed in a regular home oven doors, so choose a different probe for standard kitchen use. You can still break this probe if you try, but it is the toughest probe available.

probe accuracy: ±0.5°C, 0°C to 100°C
probe range: maximum probe temperature 350 °C
probe diameter: 4.06 mm
probe length: 203.2 mm

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