digital max/min thermometer with internal temperature sensor

brand: ETI


max min thermometer with internal temperature sensor

  • simultaneously displays max and min temperature
  • large, easy to read LCD display
  • suitable for home & industry

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Centigrade Fahrenheit Max-Min

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These digital max/min thermometers simultaneously display the actual temperature whilst displaying the max and min temperatures.

Each thermometer measures temperature over the range of -20 to 69.9 °C with a 0.1 °C/°F resolution and is ideal for recording temperatures in an office, factory, laboratory, home, greenhouse and conservatory.

The thermometer is extremely easy to use. To switch the current reading between °C and °F or reset the recorded max/min temperatures simply press the button on the side of the unit.

The unit is housed in an ABS case measuring 29 x 79 x 187 mm. The instrument incorporates a slot for hanging and is powered by a single AA battery (supplied). 


range: -20 to 69.9°C
resolution: 0.1 °C/°F
accuracy: ±1°C
battery: 1.5 volt AA
battery life: 4000 hours
sensor type: thermistor
display: custom LCD
dimensions: 29 x 79 x 182mm
weight: 180 grams
case material: ABS plastic
guarantee: one year
measurement scale: Celsius/Fahrenheit

810-120 max-min instructions

Instructions for the ETI 810-120 thermometer

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810-120 C of C

810-120 Digital Max/Min Thermometer certificate of conformity

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810-121 C of C

810-121 Max Min Thermometer certificate of conformity

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