MoistureAlert hygrometer



brand: ETI


MoistureAlert therma-hygrometer.

  • ideal for monitoring humidity in buildings
  • displays max/min humidity or max/min temperature
  • pre-set audible alarm




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The Moisture Alert therma-hygrometer incorporates a custom LCD display that indicates either humidity (20 to 95% RH) or temperature (0 to 49.9°C). The MoistureAlert hygrometer thermometer is ideal for monitoring the humidity in buildings and housing or anywhere where humidity, moisture or dampness is a problem.


The Moisture Alert incorporates a pre-set audible max/ min alarm for both humidity and temperature. The alert will automatically sound if the humidity exceeds 70% RH or drops below 25% RH. Alternatively, if the temperature exceeds 40°C or falls below 1°C the alert will sound.

The unit is housed in an ABS case measuring 20 x 65 x 97mm, the case incorporates a useful foldaway stand and a keyhole slot for hanging on a wall.


range - temperature: 0 to 49.9°C
range - humidity: 20 to 95%rh
resolution - temperature: 0.1°C
resolution - humidity: 0.1%rh
accuracy - temperature: ±1°C
accuracy - humidity: ±5%rh
battery: 1.5 volt AAA
battery life: 5000 hours
sensor type: temperature: thermistor - humidity: capacitance
display: custom LCD
case material: ABS plastic
guarantee: one year
measurement scale: Celsius/Fahrenheit & %rh

810-170 MoistureAlert manual

Instructions for the ETI 810-170 Moisture Alert

Download (363.15k)

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