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large max - min thermometer


brand: ETI


Large max - min thermometer.

  • easy to read dial
  • dial can be reset via central knob
  • temperature range -50 to 50°C
  • ideal as garden or conservatory thermometer

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Max min bi-metal dial thermometer that indicates the actual, max and min temperatures over the range of -50 to 50°C with an accuracy of ±1°C.

The easy to read dial on the max min thermometer can be reset by rotating the central knob.

This max min thermometer is ideal as a garden thermometer or conservatory thermometer. It is housed in a white ABS case and the dimensions are 25 x 95 x 122mm.


It can be shelf mounted or wall mounted via the keyhole slot provided.

  • range: -50 to 50°C

  • resolution: 1°C

  • accuracy: ±1°C

  • display: analogue dial

  • dimensions: 25 x 95 x 122mm

  • case material: ABS plastic

  • guarantee: one year

  • measurement scale: Celsius/Fahrenheit

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