Infrared Digital Ear Thermometer with memory

801-580 ETI New

Infrared digital ear thermometer with memory

  • ideal for young children and adults
  • high accuracy & reliability
  • memory recall of last nine readings
  • supplied with 20 replaceable probe covers

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Ideal for young children and adults, the digital ear thermometer provides accurate and rapid temperature readings from the ear over the range of 34.0 to 42.2°C. The Infrared Ear Thermometer measures the infrared heat generated by the eardrum and the surrounding tissue to reflect the users body temperature accurately. It provides accurate readings in 1 second for instantaneous self-diagnoses. The instrument will automatically turn itself off after one minute.

The unit incorporates a memory recall function - last nine readings.

Each digital ear thermometer is supplied with 20 replaceable probe covers that help to avoid cross-contamination. The ear thermometer is powered by a CR2032 lithium coin cell battery (supplied).

This product conforms to ASTM accuracy standards and is supplied with comprehensive instructions to assure correct readings are obtained. Failure to straighten the ear canal may lead to an incorrect reading. The ear canal is not identical in each ear and this can result in a slight difference in some individuals. It is therefore imperative to straighten the ear canal prior to taking a reading. For children under 2 years old, gently pull the ear back. User technique is critical.

Before using the Infrared Ear Thermometer, it is important you make sure that the ear and thermometer are clean. Dirt or ear wax built up inside the ear, can cause an inaccurate reading. Always use a new and undamaged probe cover. Ensure that the person whose temperature is being measured is in a stable temperature environment (ambient temperature 15 - 35 °C) for 5 minutes and has not been doing any strenuous activity, as this can cause the temperature of the body to increase, resulting in a misleading reading. The thermometer also needs to be in a stable temperature environment for 15 minutes to adapt to the surrounding temperature and give accurate readings.

Two beeps tell you that the thermometer is ready for another measurement to be taken. The 'M' icon indicates that the display is showing a memory stored reading. The 'ear' icon indicates that the thermometer is ready to use. A flashing 'probe cover' icon indicates that the probe cover is missing or badly fitted.

There may be a slight difference in subsequent readings in the same ear due to blood flow. This is normal; just repeat the measurements until you are happy that you have a representative temperature reading. There may be a difference between ears, the canal of both ears are not totally the same. Some people can get the same temperature but most people can get 0.5 ~ 1.0 ° C difference in temperature. It is recommended that you measure 3 times with the same ear. If the 3 measurements are different, select the highest temperature. To change the ear thermometer from °C to °F, the instrument must be OFF (wait one minute). Hold down the scan button, then press and hold the ON/MEM '' button until the LCD display shows °F, then release the scan button. Use the same process to change the LCD display from °F to °C.

MEMORY FUNCTION - If the reading of the thermometer is within the normal temperature range of

34 to 42.2 °C (93.2 to 108 °F), the data is saved into the memory after the thermometer is turned off. To view the last nine memory readings, press the ON/MEM '' button and '1' will appear on the LCD screen, release to display the first of the nine memory temperature readings. Press the ON/MEM '' button again and '2' will appear on the LCD screen, release to display the second memory reading, repeat this process for up to nine readings.


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