Vivarium hygrometer with 70mm dial

800-126 ETI New

Vivarium hygrometer with 70 mm dial

  • ideal for Reptiles, Snakes and Amphibians
  • easy to read colour coded dial
  • 0 - 90% humidity
  • ABS case can be free-standing or hung from a hook

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This 70mm dial vivarium hygrometer monitors humidity levels effectively and easily. The humidity level is an important factor in keeping your reptiles or amphibians healthy and stress free.

It is easy to read and install. Maintaining the proper temperature and humidity levels in a terrarium is vital for the well-being and health of all reptiles and amphibians.

This product has an analogue dial display and an easy-to-follow coded humidity scale, ranging from desert to moderate, to tropical on a simple scale of 0 to 90% humidity.

range - humidity:0 to 100%rh
display: analogue dial
dimensions:70 mm dial
case material: ABS plastic
guarantee: one year


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