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Complete Sous Vide Cooking Kit

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860-030 ETI New

Complete Sous Vide Cooking Kit with everything needed for sous vide cooking. Each kit contains:

  • Thermapen Sous Vide thermometer
  • Sous Vide Foam Tape
  • Sous Vide Water Bath
  • Vacuum Bag Sealer
  • Anti-Evaporation Balls
  • Vacuum Bags 22 x 30cm

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This Sous Vide Cooking Kit contains everything you need for perfect sous vide cooking and makes the perfect gift for any food lover.

Each pack contains:

  1. A Thermapen Sous Vide thermometer incorporating a miniature, stainless steel needle probe that has a  Ø1.1 x 60 mm reduced tip. This conveniently folds back through 180° into the side of the instrument when not in use.
  2. Sous Vide foam tape - one metre. Tape dimensions 6.4mm x 17mm.
  3. Compact, 8 litre capacity stainless steel Sous Vide Water Bath with easy to read LED touch screen control panel and programmable temperature and cooking time.
  4. Digital touch screen Vacuum Bag Sealer incorporating a pulse feature for soft and delicate foods.
  5. Pack of 250 Anti-Evaporation Balls for Sous Vide Water Bath. These promote a significant reduction in water evaporation when placed in the bath.
  6. Pack of 50 Vacuum Bags (22 x 30cm) for the ETI Vacuum Bag Sealer.

This kit has been designed help you achieve consistent, restaurant quality results that are difficult, if not impossible to achieve by any other cooking method.

This kit represents a substantial (over 20%) saving on buying the items separately. Please note Vacuum Bag Sealer and Sous Vide Water bath are supplied with UK type plug lead.


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