ThermaData® Studio Software

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  • connect up to 16 RF Wireless Loggers & unlimited number of ThermaData Series I & II Loggers
  • works with over 40 different logging devices
  • user friendly design
  • real-time data acquisition
  • graphing/trending chart with up to 32 traces
  • statistical and table view
  • send SMS alarm alerts
  • import map to identify logger by location

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ThermaData® Studio Software

The ThermaData Studio software will work equally with all ThermaData loggers. The software is both powerful and sophisticated, yet user-friendly enabling temperature data to be organised and analysed to provide management information.

The software allows the user to programme the logging sample/interval rate (0.1 to 255 minutes), the real-time clock, °C or °F, delayed start (maximum 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds) or select a magnetic start option. It is also possible to include a 32-character user ID for each logger.

SMS Alert feature will alert the user when temperature limits are exceeded, providing information on logger identity, high or low alarm, temperature reading, date and time.

With ThermaData Studio's probe mapping feature position your wireless loggers and BlueTherm™ devices on the map where they are installed. With the software running, temperatures are updated in real-time and font color changes when alarm limits are met. An ideal way to keep track of loggers and locations throughout the premises.

Customisable dashboard enables you to view the data that's important to you. Select from graphs, statistics, raw data, current readings and more for all loggers connected.

By selecting continuous logging in the software options, it is possible to start the ThermaData logger only once and never have to reset its parameters again, even if downloaded regularly. 

Unlike most low cost loggers, the ThermaData logger will continue recording during and after downloading the data. The ThermaData Studio software is supplied with each USB cradle. Please note: when initially ordering loggers it is necessary to order at least one ThermaData logger cradle.


ThermaData WiFi / ThermaQ WiFi / ThermaData Studio FAQ’s & LCD Display Meanings - download as PDF

Q: I have entered a network name and a password. The software says “Wi-Fi network set” and I have clicked “ok” but I cannot access the logger settings?
A: Check that the network and password are correctly entered and try again.

Q: I have no WiFi Symbol or Cloud Symbol on my Thermadata WiFi instrument?
A: WiFi Symbol represents the network and the cloud Symbol an internet connection. Please ensure your WiFi Router is switched on and connected to the internet.

Q: When I push the Start Button repeatedly 5 times, I do not get a Pairing Key?
A: Make sure the batteries are correctly inserted, and/or remove them for 1 minute, and then put back in.

Q: My Device is showing “ERR”?
A: Please ensure you have a probe connected to the instrument. If probe is connected, the probe could be faulty.

Q: How do I disable Sensor 2?
A: Connect your device to the internet, grant full access to the logger, and enter “logger settings”. Sensor 2 can be disabled on the 3rd page.

Q: What does the memory bar along the bottom of my device mean? Why is it missing?
A: The bar along the bottom of the LCD screen represents the contents of the internal memory within the instrument. The bar will slowly grow, as more readings are stored. If there is no bar showing, the memory is empty. The memory of the device will be erased each time new settings are sent to an instrument.

Q: Why does my live reading in the software show AUDIT?
A: The audit function has been activated on the ThermaData WiFi instrument. Audit will be shown until the next transmitted temperature is received. The instrument will show audit the first time an instrument’s settings are set using the audit function to force an immediate change, up until the next temperature transmission.

Q: Why can I not download from my logger?
A: Do you have full access to the logger? To gain full access, go to My Instruments, enter the serial number of the logger, select Full Access, and follow the prompts. Alternatively, if you have read only access, click on the options (…) on the far right of the ‘my instruments’ list, and select Upgrade to Full Access. Is the Logger connected to the internet, and the cloud symbol visible? If the router has lost internet connection, use the supplied USB cable to connect the logger to ThermaData Studio.

Q: How do I export to Excel?
A: With either a live file or downloaded file, go to file > Save as, and choose how to export the chosen file.

Q: How to I set up Email Alerts?
A: Within ThermaData Studio, Go to File> Options and select Email - Server. Enter the Email address that you want emails to be sent from into the ‘send Email as’ field. If server details are available, a link will appear beneath this field. If not, please enter all the email fields manually. Once this has been set up successfully, select Email - Destination on the left-hand menu. On this screen, enter all the email destinations you require an email alert to be delivered to. Finally, select Email - Filter on the left-hand menu, and select which instrument and which high/low alarms you require alerts to be sent for.

Q: Why are there gaps in my graph / data?
A: Whenever the instrument or the computer running ThermaData Studio loses internet connection, and/or misses a transmission, the data will not be populated within the ThermaData Studio live graph. The readings will not be lost, and can be manually downloaded from each individual instrument. The live graph cannot however be ‘repopulated’.

Q: Why are all my icons within the ThermaData WiFi tab greyed out?
A: Please ensure there is not a second instance of ThermaData Studio running in the background. If so, please ensure all ThermaData Studio processes are closed within task manager, and then reload the program.

Q: When I connect an instrument to the computer via the USB lead, ‘Configure WiFi’ doesn’t do anything.
A: Please ensure all the drivers have been successfully installed. If not, please unplug the instrument and try plugging the USB lead in again. If it will still not work, scan the internet for a driver update via Control Panel>System>Device Manager>Human Interface Devices.