ThermaData Studio Software v6


ThermaData® Studio Software Download Now

  • 100% Free. No Sign Up fee, or Subscriptions
  • Connect up to 32 ThermaData WiFi instruments
  • Extract data from multiple ETI ThermaData Instruments via USB
  • User friendly and easy to use layout
  • Real-time data acquisition
  • Graphing charts with multiple selectable colours.
  • Summary and table views for data analysis
  • Automatically archives ThermaData WiFi data.
  • Store Data Locally, without Cloud Storage Fees
  • Enables push notifications to any mobile device with TD Link

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What’s new in ThermaData Studio Version 6…

  • New and improved user interface
  • Improved user experience
  • Enhanced search for functionality options
  • Enhanced DishTemp Blue support
  • Support for ThermaData four channel loggers
  • Bug fixes

Both powerful and sophisticated, yet user-friendly, the ThermaData Studio software enables temperature data to be organised and analysed to provide management information.

The ThermaData Studio software has the ability to display up to 32 traces on a graph, the trace colours are user selectable. All files can be viewed as thumbnail icons for easy identification.

The software allows the user to programme the logging sample/interval rate (0.1 to 330 minutes), communication interval (sync) with PC, real-time clock, °C or °F and a manual start option. It is also possible to include a user ID for each logger.

The ThermaData Studio software is supplied as a FREE download. Please note: when initially ordering non WiFi loggers, it is necessary to order at least one suitable communications cable.

ThermaData WiFi loggers Use the unique ID of each logger to create a secure connection between the logger and ThermaData Studio software, that can be accessed and viewed anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. 

Each logger communicates directly to the WiFi router at set intervals to push data through the internet into ThermaData Studio. The information is available to be analysed and exported into a report format.

ThermaData WiFi  / ThermaData Studio FAQ’s & LCD Display Meanings - download as PDF

ThermaData Studio operating requirements:

  • ThermaData Studio supports: Windows 7 and above
  • Not compatible with MAC and Chromebook
  • Studio is designed to be installed on a standalone PC, and not on a Server.
  • Auto Archived Data can be saved and stored on a share drive or server to be accessed by multiple users. 

WiFi Router system requirements:

Our ThermaData WiFi loggers are only compatible with 2.4GHz frequencies routers and will only run on DHCP, open/WEP/WPA/WPA2-personal network types.

(not compatible with solely 5GHz frequencies routers)

  • Our WiFi Instruments will run on WiFi Channels 1-13 (Channels 1-11 on firmware versions before
  • MAC addresses for each instrument is located on the rear sticker. This can be used to whitelist the instrument
  • It also uses http to connect to
  • We do not recommend connecting our WiFi loggers to a WiFi system set up using boosters or extenders to improve the original WiFi router strength. This has not been tested with all available boosters/extenders and we cannot confirm this method would work. 

TD Link account requirements: 

We would highly recommend speaking with your IT team or IT Personal in order to check that these settings are set correctly.

ThermaData Studio 6.0.0

Download the latest software


ThermaData Studio instructions

Download ThermaData Studio Instructions


ThermaData WiFi QSG

Download ThermaData WiFi Quick Start Guide


Windows 10 Installation Instructions:

  1. Select the 'setup.exe' file and run through the setup wizard by clicking 'Next'

  2. Once the installation has complete, select the ThermaData Studio icon on your desktop

  3. A splash screen will open along with a window requesting you select the instruments that you would like to enable. Untick all the instruments you do not have, leaving only the instruments you have purchased ticked. Click 'Ok' to proceed

  4. Once this has been completed ThermaData Studio will open ready for you to use.

If you require any information on how to use ThermaData Studio, please click here to download our help guide, or please click on the blue ‘?’ icon in the top right corner of ThermaData Studio.

Quick start guides for each of our data loggers can be download from their relevant website page.

Alternatively, contact us on 01903 202151 or email 

ThermaData WiFi Firmware

Download ThermaData WiFi firmware


Instructions for ThermaData® WiFi Firmware Update v1.2.4.0:

  • When downloaded unzip the file and double-click on the setup.exe file
  • Follow the installation wizard and install the firmware update software.
  • Once installed, close any instances of ThermaData Studio and open up the firmware upgrade software and wait for the 'Proposed Firmware Version' to appear in the window.
  • Plug in your instrument via USB and wait for the 'Update Firmware' button to appear. Click this and leave your instrument for 1-2 minutes to upgrade the firmware.
  • Unplug your instrument once the upgrade has been completed.

For all instruments before D19350562 (Click the download link above)

This includes version 1.2.4 of the firmware which:

  • Improves connectivity to many WiFi networks
  • Adds ability to connect to WiFi channels 12 & 13
  • Fixes a number of identified lock-up scenarios


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