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This is our centralised software download.

Product instructions and other literature can be obtained via the 'download' tab available on each product detail page on this site.

All software is also available on the relevant product detail pages. To download, click a link below and choose "Save as".
We confirm that any new version of ETI software is compatible with all previous calibrations carried out with any older version of ETI software and will not affect its accuracy, traceability to National Standards or previously issued UKAS certification. For versions of operating system pre Windows Vista, please check with us before installing!

Saf-T-Log Software

Saf-T-Log software, version latest revision
There has now been a major update to the Saf-T-Log. Update your existing instruments by updating to this version of software and using the new firmware below. Improvements include:

Holds up to 7 checklists

Each checklist will have up to 250 items

Non temperature related Yes/No questions

Time delay on taking log

10 temperature related corrective actions

10 non temperature related corrective actions.

Saf-T-Log firmware upgrade v3.5.0

Saf-T-Log firmware upgrade instructions

DTR /PTR Software:

DTR / PTR Firmware update v2.31.0.0
This is for all PTR’s and DTR’s from serial No D1536xxxx onwards only

Latest release - fixes:

  • Updated USB support for some USB 3.0 hubs
  • Bug fix for some DTR instruments not saving readings

DTR / PTR Firmware Update Instructions 

DTR / PTR software, version 1.3.13 latest revision
For use with all ETI DTR and PTR recording thermometers.

USB Probe Software:

USB LITE software, version 1.0.1 latest revision
For use with all ETI USB probe variants.

Data Logger Software: 

ThermaData Studio ESSENTIAL UPDATE - .Zip File!

Latest release. ThermaData™ Studio v2 is an update to ETI’s ThermaData Studio of software with:

  • Enhanced and updated BlueTherm support (including BlueTherm IR probes)
  • Removed ability to display temperatures in Kelvin.

Bug Fixes for RF Loggers:

  • Improved setup to provide more visual feedback to user
  • Factory Reset now clears trim password
  • Disabled alarms were sometimes triggering, fixed
  • Fixed Trim limits when setting in °F
  • Enhanced user defaults

Bug fixes for ThermaData Loggers:

  • Setting up of Stainless Steel Loggers in °F improved
  • ThermaData Logger TC time delay can now be set
  • ThermaData Logger TC user defaults improved for Type T thermocouple

Bug fixes for BlueTherm:

  • Fixed Alarm Limit configuration changes not always working
  • Fixed configuration changes not always working in °F
  • Fixed instrument name changes not always working.
  • Fixed Trim values not working in °F
  • Fixed Display of out-of-limit values from BlueTherm (broken probe)

Added support for US Clickatell accounts
Enhanced Data Summary printout for different page sizes
Enhanced auto-update functionality
Individual sections i.e. BlueTherm, ThermaData Logger, USB probe now update independently.
Added drag/drop file from windows into Application
Simplified installation setup 

ThermaData Logger TC Firmware Updater, version Logger Firmware Updater version latest version of ThermaData logger firmware.


ETI HACCP PC software v1.0.3 for IOS

remote support
download ETI Quick Support


ThermaPalm Basic + v2.1.0
Latest release


Archived Old Software.

 ThermaData Logger software, version 3.4.16 Logger Software version 3.4.16 - latest version of logger software as a zip.file